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1232Steiner's "Initiation to the Grade of Rosicrucian Apprentice"

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    Aug 2, 2000
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      Dear Friends,
      I have a description by M. Robert Kuentz of Steiner's "Initiation to
      the Grade of Rosicrucian Apprentice."
      A few highlights: You are told to dress in white. You are blindfolded
      and all metal taken off you.

      You enter the Temple and circumnambulate the room three times. After a
      spoken formulae the bandage is removed, you see Steiner in front of you
      holding a skull under your nose. Steiner has two servers bearing

      Steiner is completely clothed in red with red cap. He is before an altar
      in the form of a cube, on which are a cup, crucifix and candle. There
      are three altars in all.

      At this point you are wearing the masonic apron. You place your hand on
      the Gospel of John and are told the password. With two extended swords
      curious signs are made in front of you.

      Then a sermon from Steiner on Hiram and Solomon... then the repast.
      Second address from Steiner now wearing an alb of lace; he speaks on the
      Triangle and the eye of God.
      Closing of ceremony which has lasted four hours. Ritualistic knocks with
      mallets on the three cubes, black draperies removed. You are surrounded
      with ruby red... You are Initiated!

      In the early days of theosophy there was also an initiation ceremony.