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12051Re: Fwd: Manipulation am Werk Rudolf Steiners - V1

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  • Steve Hale
    Dec 6, 2006
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason
      <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
      > (Note: Still more inexplicable goings-on over
      > in Dornach? I don't read German very well,
      > but going from Babelfish, it seem that this
      > time the problem is not with the Society so
      > much as with the Nachlassverwaltung. FYI.
      > Robert Mason)


      Possibly you know that I have been keenly interested in this very
      subject matter ever since I received a copy of Heidt's "Initiative
      To All" in early 1999. This was two years after I had written to
      the Anthroposophical Society in Dornach, in order to let them know
      of my personal initiative as a member of the anthroposophical
      movement. And two years before I came to know the importance
      of "Intiatives" as the central theme of the Christmas Conference of
      1923. Well, Dornach failed to respond to my letter, so I
      resubmitted it the following summer of 1998. Thinking that it could
      have gotten lost in the shuffle of international mail, and/or the
      organizational flow of duties and responsibilities, I thought it was
      worth another try. And this time I will say that I was ignored the
      first time, as well.

      So, when the "Initiative To All" was sent to me it was quite a
      perplexing read, especially coming on the heels of a statement
      like: "cheer up Steve, they ignore everybody who has an initiative"!
      And thus began an arduous set of efforts to try to figure out what
      all this meant; and means still today. And it doesn't get any
      better, does it? The hair-splitting over the constituton and the
      statutes, the wording and re-wordings, and meanings and the role of
      the Association_AAG, it really is all the same as in 1997, when
      Wilfreid Heidt's initiative to the general membership was proffered
      out of 33 years worth of research into the matter of the refounding
      of the Anthroposophical Society, and its failings and possible

      But here's the deal. Rudolf Steiner struggled throughout 1923 to
      prepare what would actually take place at Christmas, and it was not
      to refound the society at all, but to create something completely
      new and so universal as to compel the entire transformation of
      mankind in the ensuing years. It was actually vouchsafed for
      success, but then Steiner died relatively soon thereafter, and it
      all fell into the wrong hands, and still is so today.

      What Rudolf Steiner founded at Christmas of 1923 was to be an
      international society of the Universal Human, and everything was
      designed with this in mind, including a fully structured development
      and exposition of spiritual science in its entirety, wherein three
      classes would exist in a free and universal school conducted on a
      worldwide scale. And of course, this never happened. Everything
      has taken place as if the anthroposophical society needed
      refounding, and this is the major cover for what was originally
      intended; an international society of the universally human.

      And this is what has been forgotten.

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