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  • Steve Hale
    Nov 21, 2006
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      Stephen, I have added three iterative aspects that correspond to the
      Body, Soul and Spirit components. Shown below, they represent the
      progressive work of the newly unfolding conscious ego in achieving
      the higher members of spirit as the further transformations of soul
      that occurred when the ego of man was still unconscious. As such,
      they represent the dissemination of the cosmic intelligence to man
      in a manner that accords and pleases God in the same way that Abel's
      gifts were favored over Cain's.


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Stephen <celestial_vision@...>
      > >
      > > [page 20] 17. Man is a being who unfolds his life in the midst,
      > > between two regions of the world. With his bodily development he
      is a
      > > member of a 'lower world'; with his soul-nature he himself
      > > a 'middle world'; and with his faculties of Spirit he is ever
      > > towards an 'upper world.' He owes his bodily development to all
      > > Nature has given him; he bears the being of his soul within him
      as his
      > > own portion; and he discovers in himself the forces of the
      Spirit, as
      > > the gifts that lead him out beyond himself to participate in a
      > > World.
      > >
      > ========================
      > Carol,
      > I have seen this LT:
      > Bodily - "Evolution" [Anthroposophy]
      > Soul - "Being" [Psychosophy]
      > Spirit - "Forces" [Pneumatosophy]
      > "Only as a soul is man a being" - Carl Unger
      > Thank you,
      > Stephen
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