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  • holderlin66
    Nov 19 1:10 PM
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      The tell tale signs of a hot choleric character profile, who merges
      with fire, the fire of ideas, the candle flame, and writes a
      wonderful play on that flame called the Candle Maker that had
      ignited like a lit flame in his intellect. Bruno represents living
      and dying by the fiery temperament and character of the choleric
      thinker, doer, who feeds off resistance and human ignorance in the
      dawning age of mighty light that ripped through his thinking.

      Bruno and Waldorf education understands human realities as the basis
      of grasping that Bruno was born near the active sulphur spewing
      volcano Vesuvius and we can see how powerfully this environment
      infused into his blood the fire salamanders from our previous
      temperament studies. When we actually understand the clues of
      various individual destinies, we can also take into consideration
      where an individual grew up and was born and what impressed his
      early etheric development. Here we see what impressed Giordano
      Bruno's early etheric development.


      "In the year 1548 an Italian boy was born in the little town of
      Nola, not far from Vesuvius. Although, he spent the greater part of
      his life in hostile and foreign countries he was drawn back to his
      home at the end of his travels and after he had written nearly
      twenty books.

      When he was thirteen years old he began to go to school at the
      Monastery of Saint Domenico. It was a famous place. Thomas Aquinas,
      himself a Dominican, had lived there and taught. Within a few years
      Bruno had become a Dominican priest.

      It was not long before the monks of Saint Dominico began to learn
      something about the extraordinary enthusiasm of their young
      colleague. He was frank, outspoken and lacking in reticence. It was
      not long before he got himself into trouble. It was evident that
      this boy could not be made to fit into Dominican grooves. One of
      the first things that a student has to learn is to give the teacher
      the answers that the teacher wants. The average teacher is the
      preserver of the ancient land marks. The students are his audience.
      They applaud but they must not innovate. They must learn to labor
      and to wait. It was not Bruno's behavior but his opinions that got
      him into trouble.

      He ran away from school, from his home town, from his own country
      and tried to find among strangers and foreigners a congenial
      atmosphere for his intellectual integrity that he could not find at
      home. It is difficult not to get sentimental about Bruno. He was a
      man without a country and, finally, without a church.

      Bruno was interested in the nature of ideas. Although the name was
      not yet invented it will be perfectly proper to dub Bruno as an
      epistemologist, or as a pioneer Semanticist. He takes fresh stock
      of the human mind."


      Choleric type;

      Now the hot blooded and fiery choleric, can be found in Emergency
      Rooms and in Medics everywhere. They are not always fiery red-headed
      carrot tops that always stare at you with 'come on, go ahead, I can
      take ya' faces. That fire appears in the soft embering glow of
      Steiner's in depth lectures, fiery Michael forces supercharged his
      blood, where the warmth in his Iron and Light ignited spirit flares
      that revealed clarity where there was gathering darkness. His words
      rang as consecrated light in all directions. Fission, fusion and
      Iron centered sun spirituality cooked Steiner's rich dishes with a
      warm, kindled, human blaze.

      But then again, on the battle front of life, saving lives, from fire
      men and women to police and swat teams to search and rescue on the
      high seas, to special forces teams, you hear the choleric
      shout, 'GO, GO, GO, GO!'. Adrenaline junkies can be found working
      rush hours in restaurants, on the cooking line in the heat of the
      battle, where the grills spit fire right in their faces and they
      spit back. Choleric fire is in all of us, even Tiger Woods breaks
      from his Zen mode to get really pissed off sometimes.

      "Some people – and all narcissists – are addicted to excitement, to
      the adrenaline rush, to the danger inevitably and invariably
      involved. They are the adrenaline junkies. All narcissists are
      adrenaline junkies – but not all adrenaline junkies are narcissists.

      Thus, an adrenaline junkie must have a supply, a feed, which always
      comes with invented excitement, real or invented drama or emotional
      drama queens that have choleric forces in their feeling life. We can
      understand that choleric forces or any of the other temperaments can
      lodge themselves, not only in the will, but in the feeling, and in
      the region of mental aggression. On the one hand solid Choleric
      types are described as closer to the ground, Napoleonic and over
      confident. In a pinch you know that a Choleric will cover your back,
      fight to the death and remain in the game though anxiety is
      everywhere and the odds against you are everywhere a great choleric
      will be the last face you see before you pass out.
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