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  • carol
    Nov 17, 2006
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      Destiny carries with it some light-hearted qualities. An example of
      this is my personal link to the individual John Kaminski. How I
      came to know him and converse with this man over the internet remains
      silenced by both our needs to continue our own individual journeys
      along with strong common understandings of the heart. Karmic links
      at work.

      We who cultivate Theosophical knowledge through the insights and
      efforts which R. Steiner put forth through his Anthroposophy, may
      also be granted the privilege to step out into the `open (spiritual)
      air' of the wide world, and interact with others as if nothing was
      up. Such is my case with this man. And the results are fascinating
      and fulfilling.

      Gone is the sentimentality and protectionism as a required
      characteristic in the practice of cultivating Anthroposophy. Present
      is spontaneous, childlike initiatives and receptivity; socialising on
      a soul to soul level with the confidence that in spite of obvious
      limitations or (etheric) injury, the sublime point will surely be
      assimilated promptly. Like the child, picking oneself up after a
      fall is garantied by Heavenly Grace. Angles are at work.

      I have accompanied John over the past year, (in soul), without
      imposing any suffocating Anthroposophical conditions. I defend my
      stand, and so does he. I respect that he has his sublime work and
      like myself, he's not perfect. His latest piece Faith reveals to me
      a soul with quite an extended background. He uses principally the
      intellect with intuitive depth of the heart, to define
      (he uses objectivity as a painter uses a brush ) to the `general'
      public, the basic needs of our time; a deepened experience of the I
      in the face of the heavens and our living brethren, the individual
      soul's responsibility in regards to the earth's destiny, the mission
      of Love.


      Mark Willan said "As long as there remains one human who is not
      working with us there will be work to do, and what we have to do is
      enormous, so let us get on and change mankind."

      All souls working together under the umbrella of the ALL using a
      living, deepened experience of the I . Perhaps that is what Rudolf
      Steiner's current wish is as he `sits' in the Heavens and lovingly
      looks down upon living humanity.


      In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Mark Willan <mwillan@...> wrote:
      > I would like to put in my 5 cents worth:
      > After reading various posts about what our spirit adversaries and
      > their minions are up to, the balance needs to be restored.
      > There are those of us amongst the Anthroposophical movement (both
      > inside and outside the Society and its institutions) who have not
      > been sittlng idly by, wringing our hands and bemoaning what is
      going on.
      > We can all of us act, freely, ad Michael requires any positive
      > initiative to be.
      > We should act inwardly, since it is spiritual battle that we are
      > undertaking, not a battle in Maya.
      > We can act as follows: those who have long inner training (I can
      > at least thirty people with thirty plus years of daily practice of
      > Spiritual Science -ie meditiation, concentration, the exercises
      > KOHW etc.) can continue as they are (most often working in small
      > groups with others who are "younger" in the path) and offer their
      > lives in conscious self-sacrifice alongside those Vorstand members
      > who have decided to take on the burden with them.
      > Anyone else who wants can also join in in daily inner practice,
      > as meditating the Foundation Stone and the Michael Imagination each
      > This is because there is a proven technique in producing miracles,
      > whereby a free inner moral initiative from a group of people can
      > produce unexpected results. Basically, the more the merrier.
      > The Foundation Stone, because it links us to the Michael School as
      > whole, and the Michael Imagination is also needed for the same
      > reason. Both were given by RS with a spoecial view to this
      > time.
      > Those who can, should add the 5 exercises, the Class meditations,
      > the memory review, pure perception etc. - according to personal
      > possibilities.
      > What is needed is inner commitment - basically the willpower
      > expressed as determination - true grit. Because without it we are
      > never going to succeed.
      > All we need to do to see exactly where humanity is today, si to
      > attempt concentration as a free will exercise to discover who is
      > really in control within us!
      > However, let me remind everyone that with determination we can and
      > will succeed. Even if I were alone, and I had only 1 person
      > in with me, the war would not be over and hope would continue.
      > Let us all remember that even though evil may injure us, the Logos-
      > forces of healing also exist, and are at work at all times, even
      > the cultural revolution in China. Nothing is lost. Not yet. Who
      > amongst us, who was alive in the id *0s woulod have predicted the
      > of the Soviet system?
      > The days of the enemy supremacy are numbered - let us work to make
      > happen quicker, and to heal the harm done all the quicker.
      > As long as there remains one human who is not working with us
      > will be work to do, and what we haev to do is enormous, so let us
      > on and change mankind. Starting today, with ourselves.
      > Blessings
      > Mark Willan
      > 14 Scotts Road #09-02
      > Far East Plaza
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