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  • holderlin66
    Nov 13, 2006
      "And we see further how what he thus had at the foundation of his
      life penetrates, wisdom-filled, the sphere of Jupiter. In this
      sphere he is able in wisdom to enter into a relation of
      understanding with such spirits as Goethe..."

      Goethe - Jupiter - Novalis



      "And thus was he, who on Earth had unfolded so great a love for art,
      whose soul had been aflame with love for colour and for line,
      transplanted now into the sphere of Venus, which in turn lovingly
      bore him across to the Sun, to that Sun existence which lived in all
      his incarnations so far as they are yet known to us. For it was from
      the Sun that he, as the prophet Elijah, brought to mankind through
      the medium of his own people the truths that belong to the goals of

      "We see how in the Sun sphere he is able to live through over again
      in a deep and intimate sense — in another way now than when he was
      on Earth as a companion of Christ Jesus — he is able to live over
      again what he underwent when, through the Initiation of Christ
      Jesus, he, Lazarus, became John.

      "And all that he has painted in shining light for the followers of
      Christ Jesus, — he now beholds all this pour its rays into the
      cosmic transformation of the human heart.

      "And we see further how what he thus had at the foundation of his
      life penetrates, wisdom-filled, the sphere of Jupiter. In this
      sphere he is able in wisdom to enter into a relation of
      understanding with such spirits as Goethe — the spirit, that is,
      that afterwards became Goethe — as well as also with spirits who had
      gone astray on other paths, but who nevertheless led over World
      Being and World Thought into the realm of the magical. The
      foundation is laid for his magic idealism in the experience he had
      of the evolution of the later Eliphas Levi."

      Bradford comments;

      Goethe lived to be 83 years old. Steiner discusses Goethe as
      inspired and having earned a spot in the great planetary
      inspirations, as a Jupiter individual. An individual who resonated
      with universal ideas who covered, science and art and integrated the
      spiritual factors of darkness not only in his Theory of Colors but
      also the moral force of unconsecrated light as an active agent in
      the human psyche. Mephistopheles/Ahriman.

      Unconsecrated Light and the struggle that humanity would undertake
      between Consecrated Light and Unconsecrated Light allowed Goethe to
      encounter in himself forces that juxtaposed the moral and immoral
      actions of Faust with consecrated Light and the influence in the
      psyche...in this case the Intellectual Soul region, of Ahriman's
      region of unconsecrated light. Goethe understood that the riddle in
      the human being, striding forward, would be to filter in himself or
      herself, the value and nourishment to humanity of consecrated and
      unconsecrated light.

      But we also note with the most heartfelt interest how the young
      Novalis and Goethe become intertwined to help weave together the
      foundation of Spiritual Science. Goethe with a very significant
      incarnation in Athens meets the bearer of the new Sophia wisdom in
      the young and tragic Novalis.

      Insights into the drama of current events
      How Lodge's oppose the unfolding of the Consciousness Soul

      2006 - 83 =1923
      2001 - 83 =1918


      "I opened Neil Michelsen's The American Ephemeris for the 20th
      Century and turned to the page that contains July-August 1912. I
      happened to glance at the Jupiter column and did a double-take.
      Jupiter stationed (direct in motion) on August 2, 1912 at 5^32'
      Sagittarius. What's so odd about that? On August 2, 1995--this year--
      Jupiter stations at 5^32' Sagittarius. The same direct station--at
      the same precise degree and minute of arc--exactly 83 years apart! I
      was amazed--flabbergasted would be a good word and description--and,
      for a moment, I felt myself floating into the Twilight Zone of
      astrological strangeness.

      "I decided to look at the Jupiter placement for January 1, 1912 and
      January 1, 1995. Jupiter on both New Year dates was at 4+
      Sagittarius--precise within 10' of arc (1/6 of one degree). At
      random, I started to look at other dates exactly 83 years apart. In
      every case I could find, Jupiter was always at the same precise
      degree. In other words, Jupiter has an almost precise 83-year cycle
      in which it will return to the same degrees, on roughly the same
      dates, every 83 years.

      "Jupiter's Cycle Around The Sun Is 11.86 Years

      "That was the "Eureka!" moment. All this talk about Jupiter having a
      12-year cycle around the Sun wasn't really accurate. By multiplying
      the precise 11.86-year orbital cycle of Jupiter by 7 cycles, you
      come up with an almost exact 83-year "Jupiter Return"--degree-wise
      and date-wise. Now--how can we apply this to learning from history."

      "On April 14-15, 1912, the Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic. Well
      over a thousand people lost their lives, it symbolized the coming
      calamity of World War I and it was considered an incredible disaster
      that became immortalized in history. On April 19, 1995, the Oklahoma
      City bombing brought shock to America and the world--with many
      commentators considering this calamity as similar (in emotional
      devastation) to the assassination of President Kennedy. Because of
      the Jupiter phenomenon described earlier, we now know that both
      catastrophes have identical Jupiter placements--about 15^05'
      Sagittarius for Jupiter at the sinking of the Titanic and 14^53'
      Sagittarius for Jupiter at the Oklahoma City bombing. This is
      because the events are separated by 83 years--within 4 days.

      "The importance here is not just the synchronized Jupiter placement.
      It's the fact that history may very well be repeating itself--
      generally speaking--every 83 years. Because I see the entire zodiac
      as a giant memory bank--to me the Akashic Records of human and
      earthly history as well--Jupiter's going back over the same zodiacal
      territory (to the degree and to the day) every 83 years may mean
      something very crucial in our evolution as a species.

      "While the historical parallels between the sinking of the Titanic
      and the Oklahoma City bombing are now in place and can be reviewed,
      there is something else that may be lurking in the future shadows
      for 1995. In the fall of 1912, the First Balkan War--simmering for
      several years--exploded in October and November. Jupiter in October
      and November of 1995 will be at the same degrees in Sagittarius it
      was in, on the same dates, during 1912! Now we know that there is a
      fundamental war going on right now in the region of Bosnia, but the
      big question--and fear--concerns the spreading of that war to
      neighboring countries in the Balkan region. We must watch this
      situation carefully--knowing that Jupiter in 1995 is "haunting" the
      battlefields and cemeteries of 1912 during the First Balkan War.
      [Note: Add this historical parallel as well from 1908 to 1991--83
      years apart. On October 6, 1908, Austria-Hungary announced the
      annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On October 15, 1991--83 years
      later within 9 days--the parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina
      announced the sovereignty of their nations--pointing to their
      independence in the early months of 1992. Jupiter in October 1908
      and 1991 was at 5-6 Virgo.]

      "What About Parallels Between 1914 (WWI) and 1997?

      "The scary thing about this 83-year precise "Jupiter Return," where
      generalized historical events may be repeating themselves, is that
      we are fast approaching 1997. In that year, we will not only have a
      repeat of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in early Aquarius from
      March 3-4, 1914 (the date in 1997 for this Jupiter-Uranus union will
      be February 15-16), but Jupiter--throughout 1997--will be recrossing
      his steps (to the degree and to the day) from 1914. It was during
      1914 that World War I began--particularly with the assassination of
      the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on June 28, 1914 (by
      the way, I am writing this story on June 28, 1995) and the "Guns of
      August," the nightmarish launching of war in Europe in early August
      1914. In June 1997, Jupiter at 22 Aquarius will be stationing
      retrograde right where he stationed in June 1914 and, of course, on
      the 83rd anniversary of the assassination of the Archduke--June 28,
      1997--Jupiter will be at 21+ Aquarius (exactly where Jupiter was on
      June 28, 1914)! Keep in mind that the beginning of World War I in
      1914 was actually the birth of both world wars. World War II came
      about because the peace treaty imposed upon Germany in November 1918
      was reviled by militaristic Germans and the Nazis eventually broke
      every agreement within that peace treaty in their efforts to
      reconquer Europe."

      Bradford concludes;

      In 1997 "The Project for the New Ahrimanic Century" was outlined
      that has now planted us in the middle east with Israel, (Britain's)
      MI5/MI6 and Washington as the real axis of evil. "The GrandChess
      Board" and "Project for a new American Century" struck a blow at the
      21st century expansion of cosmopolitan consciousness with a poison
      pill injected by the Cheney Lodge neocons and Ahrimanic think-tanks.
      Part of this poison pill is the denial of the Angel's slender thread
      of humanity in the Geneva Convention, the return to permission to
      torture innocent people without any trial. And all of this recent
      western deception and horror was partly to serve as the springboard
      of 1998/1332/666 which launched us into another human mess.

      You can bet with certainty that the think tanks working out of
      Ahriman's lodges know full well how to springboard on the coattails
      of disrupting what Jupiter does so well. Jupiter brings thinking and
      expansion that lived vividly in Goethe's vast interests or the Dark
      Side of Levi and apparent magic, magic weapons, torture and
      waterboarding for etheric leaps to extract visions and ugga-bugga of
      using astral, etheric and historic movements and planetary dynamics
      to undermine human progress.

      Jupiter, displayed in Goethe and Novalis and Anthroposophy, bring
      forward a great Consciousness Soul Humanism of science/art/religion
      with an emphasis on the Soul's understanding in Art and Science and
      the Angels Work in the Astral Body as mass media pictures planted in
      the unconscious field of human experience. 1918 and the Angel's Work
      In the Astral body is something Steve Hale has researched in the
      biographical unfolding of Steiner's own destiny.

      Our naive problem here is that we underestimate spiritual science
      and we underestimate the actual think-tanks that work out of lodge
      directed activity. Under all work of this sort the vast canvas of
      history and the patterns of the stars are worked upon to the
      advantage of STeiner on one hand using the relationship of Novalis
      and Goethe along with the Cognitive thinking faculty of the German
      soul...felt the first inklings of the dawning of light in the pineal
      gland as an awakening organ that had been immersed deep into the
      brain, where we awaken slowly to use the radar of thought and
      intuition to see invisible ideas and write invisible thoughts into
      the astral sphere that nobody but us and Initiates, Angels and
      higher beings can see or know our secret thoughts.

      On the other hand the lodges use the unconscious forces of will and
      intellect to thwart, divert and block spiritual waves of advancement
      from uncovering the dawning mystery of Consecrated Light.

      Once again it can be traced from 1899 and German Nazi physics that
      did not disagree in the least with Steiner's understanding that all
      matter is light, where all the future roads divide. From Goethe and
      Mephistopheles to Corporate Militarism, think-tanks, from Nazi
      industrial efficiency to massive products that disrupt the astral
      forces of children, such as mercury in vaccines.

      But Steiner drew a clear, solid and brilliant understanding out of
      Initiation Science that Light, when digested to the fullest degree
      becomes Consecrated through human activity. Christ literally glows
      and the moral force of the Transfiguration knocks the disciples to
      the ground. Steiner took Germany toward the portal of Consecrated
      Light while Einstein and Oppenheimer and physics have given us from
      1945 onward, the results of the brain's activity with unconsecrated
      light. And Ahriman protects his accomplishments and the Michael
      School and Anthroposophy is assigned to protect Consecrated Light as
      it rises through our children to the education that they get.

      It should be fair to catagorize and present all the ramifications of
      what we consider corporate production of unconsecrated products that
      harm...and how substance is penetrated magically, via, biodynamics,
      and Waldorf....and nourishes the ability of humanity to choose
      consecrated light over unconsecrated thought and products.bbb
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