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11861Twelve long years

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  • holderlin66
    Nov 12, 2006
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      In America we can hear this refrain over and over again, "It has
      been 12 years since Democrats were in control of both the House and
      Senate." As a student of spiritual science when we hear, "It has
      been 12 years since Democrats were in control of both the House and
      Senate." And the nice idea we have when we compare the difference
      between science and spiritual science is that science can say TWELVE
      YEARS and feel very proud of itself, like a little kid. "It has been
      12 years since..." blah, blah, blah. And the actual number is either
      a dead statistic or a living fact. Spiritual Science makes dead
      science come alive and I will prove it to you. But the question for
      the student of spiritual science is what integrates and places the
      term 12 years into rich living significance?

      Firstly lets take 1933 + 12, = 1945. Now there is a highly
      significant number. Let's understand and take Hercules and his
      TWELVE LABORS as well. In understanding twelve we reach out to the
      very interesting one turn cycle that Jupiter makes in the heavens.
      It takes Jupiter nearly 12 years to complete it's walk, stroll
      through the twelve constellations.

      In the case of the Republicans in America we look at 2006 and
      subtract 1994 and we get Twelve years. From the Etheric Christ
      interior consecrated light that broke and dawned officially in 1933,
      noting Ahriman's clock on Earth, when the angry Nazi party, the
      actual receptive thinking forces of the Germans, who would, because
      of their capacity to think and Fichte like see the awakening I AM,
      Nazi Germany grabbed in their force of will, all the unconsecrated
      light and marshalled it into regimentation and corporate militarism.
      You need to follow these connections and make them part of your
      associated understanding soul clarity.

      And as a world fact, working in conjunction with the West, Nazi
      Germany and America followed the trail of Unconsecrated Light right
      down to the making of the fear factoring, inhuman, morally
      disassocatied, nuclear bomb, blatant display of the results, the
      results of well over 12 years...well over twelve years of toying
      with unconsecrated light as it tip-toed into the brain. Again the
      33rd President of the U.S. is faced with Consecrated or
      Unconsecrated Light. The results of the twelve years from 1933 to
      1945 is the hasty gathering of the Manhattan Project, in secrecy and
      using Dodechedronal design implosion codes, to produce immoral and
      Unconsecrated Light as a fact, against the Consciousness Soul of
      global Intellignece.

      Incinerating, threatening to incinerate and having nuclear
      technology, threatening to poison the planet, holding the planet
      hostage, was brought to fruition because from 1933 to 1945 human
      minds were clouded by the Fog of War that Ahriman introduced with
      efficiency into history. The corporate militaristic envy of what
      Germany was doing with efficiency that had no moral basis, merely
      corporate coldness, went all the way to the atrocities of shipping,
      stamping and sorting people into volume, number, measure weight, and
      having them exterminated. People!

      America was envious of the Corporate efficiency and has applied that
      efficiency to it's cold calculating corporate Intellectual Soul
      framework, where Ahriman lives in the SOUL area, in the freezing
      efficiency of the Intellectual Soul. Ahriman as a mighty cosmic
      spirit of holding unconsecrated cold light, devoid of the moral
      stamp of the mighty I AM, is in the cosmic system as a spirit and
      lurks in the cold cave regions of the intellectual soul. And we can
      define this region clearly..as a Soul region.

      Sometime in the future when we outline the difference between
      Intellectual Soul and Life Spirit...we will determine the difference
      when our I AM transforms the regions of its soul forces into
      spiritual forces. For the moment it is important to understand that
      the unique impression of anybody we meet, as gathered in a human
      face and form....represents a consolidated field of Soul
      Forces...mostly unpenetrated so that the sentient soul spills into
      the intellectual soul and sloshes into the consciousness soul and
      they have never made any effort to discern these soul regions
      therefor there is no actual I AM distinct spiritual KNowing Doer,
      doing what is moral and consecrated light within the soul regions to
      make them Spirit regions. A lot can be understood when we understand
      that in each incarnation we are given a new 'virgin' soul field to
      operate with.

      Just before a child shifts it's entire from 0 to 12 years to the
      dawning of the emotional tap that opens the astral forces, at this
      brink of 12, Thirteen looms up on the horizon. No longer a mere 9 or
      10 or twelve, now an official Teen dawns, Thirtenn looms on the
      horizon of numbers. It is a very serious demarcation in numerical

      Hercules has gone and battled through each of the twelve signs of
      the zodiac, just as the Jupiter forces of Wisdom in the organism,
      Jupiter, the little sun, the little Hercules engine of the I AM
      works on those twelve labors and resets and calibrates the human
      physical system, adjusted to the specific user, who makes the model
      that he was given, slowly into his own unique vehicle. Twelve labors
      of Hercules represents not only the 12 hour cycle of the blood but
      also the 12 year cycle of penetrating with the baby i am the model
      we borrowed from our family. It is our job to modify, reject and
      build or refuse what was given as useful or useless. Parents don't
      understand this, not a wit. Hardly a wit do they understand this
      process, which reveals another layer of malfunctioning education in

      We learn a great deal by understanding Jupiter out there and the
      twelve hour or nearly twelve hour liver and blood purification cycle
      in the human being. Nearly every twelve hours our ability to manage
      our blood sugar, our inner exhaustion, complexion, freshness of
      spirit, exhausted through intense labor or abuse in drugs of
      different sorts, impacts us. We can intervene by getting raw vitamin
      C from lemons or oranges, or tomatos by boosting our blood sugar or
      we can poison ourselves with the fallacy of soft drinks with sugars
      that further exhaust and abuse the organism. We can do this with all
      sorts of soft drinks and it reflects as well, clearly for the
      intelligent adult, the corporate efficiency of unconsecrated light
      fighting against cognition in our children and in us.

      Our liver attempts to renew and regnerate itself and filter and
      freshen the light we carry in our blood nearly every twelve hours.
      In our blood...Our blood the newest baby member of the Saturn, Sun,
      Moon and Earth family our blood renews itself under a numerical
      Jupiter mandate mechanism, cosmic planetary mechanism linked to our
      liver. Our own liver is our own little Hercules. Hercules' labors
      daily and where it moves through the human organism and restores and
      replenishes and rids us of the bad forces that do not serve the
      good...is a daily Hercules engine that is in our blood.

      Now this brings us to the Twelve Year crossing point where, as
      Steiner, Bock, Bradford and any sane Anthro and Spiritual Science
      student will offer, concerning Zarathustra/Jesus and the two Jesus
      children, and of course it is the two Jesus children, again to rub
      it in, it is the TWO Jesus children, it is the manfest intensity and
      mystery within the Bible that makes it an Initiation document that
      tells us that a super strong cognitive being was penetrating with
      mature spiritual intensity, deeply down to the working of the bones
      of the organism and pushed every mystery and every capacity of the
      organism to it's maximum load bearing limits. These TWO Jesus boys
      manifest one of the most remarkable riddles of the Twelve Year cycle.

      Zarathusta/Jesus had, hovered with such intensity over the little
      candle flame of the Twelve Year old bodily wisdom and etheric
      integration cycle, with such mighty Consciousness Soul intensity,
      that by Twelve, the vehicle for the one Jesus Child was utterly
      exhausted...and probably the liver had the mileage run out of it. In
      other words, the mileage from one normal lifetime of use, was used
      with much more intensity by Zarathustra/Jesus in those first Twelve
      years just as a preparation for the foundation that would support
      the Cosmic Sun, I AM of I AM hood than almost anyone previously on
      the planet.

      At this critical moment we find Jesus teaching the elders
      brilliantly, bafflingly, profoundly and burning with such a bright,
      bright light where all the integration of the elders, the old
      bearded ones, who had already used their livers and brains, and had
      managed to extract tiny bits and pieces of the vast wisdom of the
      prophets....here was the kid, the boy of twelve sitting there upon
      whom the entire OT and NT rested as a biographical preparation for
      this specific incarnation. And there he was sitting in front of them
      at Twelve years of Age....and very few, very few said to themselves,
      gee this must be the wise Chaldean Zarathustra... Even though those
      who heard him, this twelve year old, had very likely been his
      students when he incarnated over and over in the Zarathustra
      individuality. Well there he was sitting in front of them, upon
      whom, the entire OT and NT rested as his awesome biographical
      overview. And only in Spiritual Science can you catch the awe and
      mystery of this mighty event that leads us through to Golgotha and
      the Risen Etheric Christ marked on the historical cycle by Ahriman
      himself in 1933.

      This twelve year old event had apparently happened also in the
      Buddha destiny. But the reasons for understanding that one of the
      Jesus children was immensely bright with consecrated light and
      fission down to the very bones, and the other Jesus child was
      healthy, robust, but asleep intellectually, was to preserve the
      forces and hide in the Luke Jesus a mighty treasure, which would
      enhance and support the intensity of the I AM of all I AM beings...

      So if we conclude we can say, "It has been 12 years since Democrats
      were in control of both the House and Senate." We can hear this
      repeated in the U.S. over and over again. But we can clearly see the
      difference between Spiritual Science and education that has no
      earthly clue how these things connect. Science can spout, rightly,
      numbers, measures, weights, but what is missing in the core of the
      argument of physics and science is the reality of the history of how
      unconsecrated light broke through in the 20th century as a fully
      faced challenge to consecrated light. Who challenges this
      educational paradigm? Oddly enough Anthro scientists are busy
      defending and admiring Stephen Hawkings and enjoying how to figure
      out physics crap. They, for the 90% of the intelligent Anthro
      Science, excluding Biodynamic Science which is always conscious
      consecrated light, Anthro Science people are stumbling, bumbling
      Republican rubber stampers when it comes to their enjoyment of
      wallowing in the intelligence of unconsecrated light and the math
      and numbers involved.

      Let us say that Spiritual Science expects a great deal more from
      these Anthros than the cowardly way they integrate physics even into
      Waldorf Education. You can prepare all the way through Waldorf
      Education the ground work of how physics and Light can be linked to
      the world of consecrated and unconsecrated light. You can follow it
      out clearly all the way through education. So Spiritual Science
      expects a great deal more from those with a Science bent in
      Anthroposophy besides lip service and enjoying the complexity of the
      system of spiritual science, we expect it to become grounded in your
      and our human understanding and not merely mirror a watered down
      version of Ahriman in the intellect.... Ahriman in the intellect is
      wonderful for balancing the books, but the reality had better be
      recognized by Anthro Scientists and soundly stood upon.
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