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11836Re: Sophia and Religous sentiments

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  • vasilisa606
    Nov 8, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Hale" <sardisian01@...>

      > It was actually the oxen that were kicking against the slivers of
      > wood from the sideboards of the oxcart that Saul used to carry his
      > belongings along the road to Damascus that compelled Christ to ask
      > Saul: "Why do you gird your oxen?" You see, oxen don't usually kick
      > out unless they are vexed by such an unnecessary nuisance as a
      > sideboard containing slivers. In other words, oxen know their
      > function as burden-carriers; why the further reduction of freedom?

      My paternal grandfather was half English and half Native American and I
      inherited some really colorful sayings from him. One of my favorites, I
      think a colloquialism from New Jersey where he grew up is, "It all
      depends on whose ox is being gored."
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