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11834Re: Sophia and Religous sentiments

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  • prismah44
    Nov 9, 2006
      One of the things that spiritual-scientific research is able to tell
      us is that Joan of Arc was born bearing the Christ Impulse. It was
      to be her task to provide the actual arc of electrical light
      conductance, of the consecrated kind,

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for including Rudolph's lecture on the topic.

      That she was born with the Christ impulse while still in the womb and
      born January 6 means that she was also preconditioned to particular
      planetary/zodiacal influences. It would be interestng to study Joan's
      astrological chart under the careful scrutiny of "spiritual science"
      to avoid bogus interpretations. Is there such a chart available?
      Perhaps also to study the date (and time) of her death as recorded in
      transcripts would reveal a more complete composite of her astral
      attributes which could precondition her personality for future
      incarnations. Everything is recorded in the Akashic records, and
      perhaps these two charts could provide some missing elements of Joan's
      personality. (Keeping in mind though that planetary influences can be
      overcome by the force of the will alone; especially when it is aligned
      with the Christ Spirit.)

      Have a good day,
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