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  • holderlin66
    Nov 8, 2006
      Holderlin brought about Giordano Bruno:

      "Bruno answered the sentence of death by fire with the
      threatening: "Perhaps you, my judges, pronounce this sentence
      against me with greater fear than I receive it." He was given eight
      more clays to see whether he would repent. But it was no use. He was
      taken to the stake and as he was dying a crucifix was presented to
      him, but he pushed it away with fierce scorn."

      Bradford comments;

      "...as he was dying a crucifix was presented to him, but he pushed
      it away with fierce scorn."

      Here the very people who were the deluded minds that tortured him
      and judged his science as in error and their hidden political agenda
      of the lie, the spin, offered Bruno a symbol, the symbol they hid
      behind like cowards. Hypocrisy has no better sample of no matter how
      kind the face, you know the face, while Bruno is tortured or Joan of
      Arc is burnt, some sympathetic face comes daringly out of the crowd
      and offers you a crucifix so that you can be close to Christ. I
      don't know who I would despise more. The crowd who did nothing while
      and now comes to my rescue when I am being murdered or the
      unconsecrated pocket of light embodied by those who torture me.

      And that is where the result of thinking takes us. To moths of
      unconsecrated light, who take you again and again, like moths
      banging into a candle or bug zapper, again and again, the
      unconsecrated moth dust, is attracted by false light. Don't think
      for a second I make this comparison foolishly. You would be a fool
      to think thus. Where as look you to the Butterfly and its relation
      to sun, sugar, moral substance of nature, blossom and the organic
      laws and unfolding trigger factors of when certain blossoms open and
      when certain butterflies arise. Light for Light and Unconsecrated
      Light of the moth vs the Consecrated dust of the butterfly with its
      skeleton turned inside out....and representing each persons higher
      Christ Spirit Man potential.

      I might tatoo crucifix all over my ass and still be an asshole.
      Christ certainly will not betray us, even though we betray Him a
      million, million times. Christ has the office of the Consecrated
      Light of the cosmic I AM. Bruno was rightly within that I AM
      evolution of the dawning Consciousness Soul. He was rightly ahead of
      his time. Now does this weary hypocrisy and betrayal ever end? No.
      GWB can meet every Monday he wants with a minister, a preacher and
      bow his head in prayer, but from a human standpoint GWB betrays our
      humanity daily.

      GWB and Cheney might piss on the Koran and torture souls in order,
      as we in spiritual science know full well the reason why. They
      torture at this significant time in history, when the etheric body
      is loosening itself and waking up, torture as they did in the past
      with the Templars, GWB and Cheney do this now so that with Near
      Death Experiences, etheric visions of headlines of the future are
      ripped from the throats of those that they torture when their human,
      I say, HUMAN, etheric bodies are separated for an instant, a minute
      or more. These tortured gurgles may seem like nothing or maybe
      confess to anything to end the pain, but somewhere in the middle
      this system, Cheney and Bush had utterly betrayed the mission of
      humanity. That is what we rightly call a crime against humanity. A
      crime anyway you want to look at it. If you are deluded and you
      don't think it is a crime you are still a sick, deluded fool.

      But Bruno is offered the sign of the crucifix to save him while the
      flames are burning off his flesh. The crucifix. What does the
      crucifix mean to a human being who has discovered that in his
      thought there is this eternal doorway to Truth? Once you unlock the
      mystery that Steiner codes into the Philosophy of Freedom as well,
      this pineal gland that has disappeared inside the brain, that
      Descartes was so curious about, we find that it is a light receptor.

      Now from Steve Hale's masterful outline of the reasons for Ahriman's
      foundational management and Lucifer's management of Light within the
      organism...that both matter, From Our Moon's Holy Standpoint, the
      human physical body, Light and the forces of gestation and
      reproduction that make the material little models of things we see
      in nature, so accurate, even us, as light bearers....That all three,
      Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras are woven into the matrix to be the
      push me pull me forces so that when, when in heaven's name, when
      will we grasp clearly what Steve Hale put so well and Steiner
      brought so clearly, when Sun separated, when moon separated and the
      intimate integration and fit of the eclipse in the heavens to the
      unconsecrated detonations on earth of the physics results of nuclear
      bombs, trails light into the soul and mind of Man.

      Consecrated Light has indeed been evolved directly from the four
      worlds and evolved into the four bodies carried, Saturn, Sun, Moon
      and Earth, and Physical body, etheric body, astral body and I AM...
      and following how the light was immersed into matter and swallowed
      up to become the Word Bearing Human....means that the whole process
      of consecrated light has been and is working on bringing our little
      dull brains into line with our cosmic mission.

      We are Humans and we know the difference between the betryal and
      hypocrisy of our humanity and the call to consecrated light. We know
      the difference in our Souls between Unconsecrated results of Light
      within the the thought framework of physics and the Consecrated
      results of light within the Transfiguration. If we don't know this
      yet, we better get down to it and get over the hump of our refusals
      to understand moral light against immoral and unconsecrated light.

      And Steve Hale brought up kicking against the pricks as oxen against
      the sides of unsanded splintering boards. Well certainly Giordano
      Bruno, Joan of Arc and Christ as well as Peter, were placed in the
      locks or in the stocks and the thorns or prick or splinters were
      hard, hard nails....Christ and the Crucifix...is only there for
      those who have no thought, no solid basis of grasping yet in
      cognitive clarity that the Body, Soul and Spirit cohesion and the
      divine aspects of the human being are to be defended not betrayed.

      Hypocrites have no follow up when it comes to what their children
      are educated in. They throw their children to the wolves and at home
      they devour and indulge in corporate materialism with the wonderful
      edge that materialism out proves the spiritual basis of anything.
      That goodness is mere lip service and bowing your head in prayer or
      having a tatoo on your body that shows a black gnarled and thorny
      cross, because you are cute and your body is cute, remains mere
      superfical tags on baggage traveling through customs on earth. Our
      bodies are not steamer trunks to stamp shit on.

      We are very, very cute hypocrites who betray our humanity and in the
      last ditch effort, where not only the tortured today, but the
      tortured in the past, had some well meaning fool run up and handed
      someone a crucifix to save his soul I'm not sure who I would dispise
      more. The crucifix is very easily a symbol for the denial and
      hypocrisy of the soul and spirit. Especially if, as a human spirit,
      you have evolved to the point where each person is understood as a
      spiritual being and that Christ is in the office of Consecrated
      Light and the development of I AM's everywhere.
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