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11821Re: Sophia and Religous sentiments

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  • holderlin66
    Nov 7, 2006
      carol wrote:

      "Yet your anger remains justifyed since the stage in which we find
      ourselves reveals a majority of human beings blatantly deceived by
      the Maya imposed by dry 'concept and perception', as well as a
      majority of human beings unable to halt the immence destructive
      forces (which some human beings have made) very ready to obliterate
      so much earthly Life/Light."

      Bradford comments;

      Initiation Science allows us to imagine those who had wisdom
      centuries before we even opened our eyes. Ain't it grand?!! It is
      humbling. Sure, since we have a recipe book and outline of Occult
      Sciences and bridges to actual biology and human science, we can
      begin to put the puzzle together. Not without the great prodding of
      a Scientist like Dr. Steiner. So why should I be frustrated? No
      reason why I, me, little ole ding bat me should be frustrated.

      It obviously is an interesting form of astral springboard. Everyone,
      and that would be everyone takes their sweet ass time for anything
      to filter down to them. This goes triple for me. But it helps to
      imagine that and think through the experience that countless others
      already had a pretty good understanding of many of these forces
      long, long before I was mentally assisted, in my 'mentally
      challenged' condition, to stop at this arrogant juncture and finally
      absorb something rich.

      This crossroads is a curious springboard. When you understand what
      you are seeing...it is clear. All those who understood centuries
      before I did, went through a phase of attempting to scribble down
      such exercises in reordering our thinking but mostly their thinking
      and reorderin was our thinking and reordering. Futile as they-we
      are, there is this stage where we, as St. Paul was admonished
      clearly, "We Kick Against the Pricks"....Now that is the only time
      Christ, the Etheric Christ reveals that wily sense of humor that can
      carrry us through so that your wisdom ripens to maturity. Humor,
      Christ said, hey Saul/Paul, there certainly are a lot of pricks out
      there, hey buddy? I should know Paul, I walked slam-dunk into them
      bunch of pricks." See Christ had this cosmic, magnificent sense of
      humor that shuttles itself down the corridors of time.

      Since I am a weak and challenged thinker in an age where everything
      shouts at you, yet it manages to remain murky, the murkiness is a
      wonderful medium to fish out clarity and wrestle with just what was
      missed by murkiness. Purely, you understand, to keep my compass in
      an orientation where I can at least see my problems, Consecrated
      Light is our problem, against an actual comparison to physics. I am
      pleased to have wiggled my way forward, worm like, in order to look
      over the leaf I'm resting on and contemplate the butterfly of the
      vast, vast future of our being formed out of Consecrated Light.

      Further to see that the skeleton is outside, tells me a gret deal in
      relation to such an obscure and undiscovered territory as "His Bones
      were not Broken - or They did not break His bones"... this Spirit of
      Form, highly evolved elder human being took hold of the whole
      complex that was made from FOUR WORLDS, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth,
      Physical, etheric, astral I AM, took hold of FOUR COMPLETE WORLDS,
      (native americans have to respect that) and like a mighty puppet
      master and master of matter and the atomic table...well, put it this
      way.... I love understanding, thanks to Tom M. and other fair
      students of spiritual science, a link to Consecrated and
      Unconsecrated Light, a bridge, that requires and verifies the great
      moral foundations of each an every human I AM.

      How to approach with understanding this thinking gap, where
      unconsecrated education becomes consecrated education....is a
      springboard from the obvious murky to the solid clarity that cannot
      be taken from you.

      So there is Ignorance, stupidity, and bless us all I consider myself
      a dunce. Take Giordano Bruno, who I would never have taken an
      interest in, had it not been for the sympathy Steiner offered him as
      a scientist. Bruno was really one of dawning stars of the
      Consciousness Soul. And there is something in the light dawning like
      Descarte, the pineal gland starts to stir into thinking, so that in
      thinking, we use the brain for the perception of the invisible, in
      other words we connect percept and concept in invisible and under
      the light of the moral forces of inwardly consecrated humanity we
      begin work in the invisible.

      Or thinking is not a revelation but just some abstract arabistic
      thought spin and it doesn't matter how percept and concept gets
      connected as long as the corporation makes a profit. You see the
      difference between what Thomas Aquinas was fighting for and martyrs
      like Bruno were murdered for? One has to admire the murkiness of the
      region where we have landed with our dim bulbs. The murkiness stirs
      it into life and gradually, Grail like, becomes clearer. Just listen
      to this.


      "Bruno was interested in the nature of ideas. Although the name was
      not yet invented it will be perfectly proper to dub Bruno as an
      epistemologist, or as a pioneer Semanticist. He takes fresh stock of
      the human mind."

      "In the year 1582, at the age of 34 he wrote a play Il Candelajo,
      The Chandler. He thinks as a candle-maker who works with tallow and
      grease and then has to go out and vend his wares with shouting and

      "Behold in the candle borne by this Chandler, to whom I give birth,
      that which shall clarify certain shadows of ideas ... I need not
      instruct you of my belief. Time gives all and takes all away;
      everything changes but nothing perishes. One only is immutable,
      eternal and ever endures, one and the same with itself. With this
      philosophy my spirit grows, my mind expands. Whereof, however
      obscure the night may be, I await the daybreak, and they who dwell
      in day look for night ... Rejoice therefore, and keep whole, if you
      can, and return love for love."

      "...superstition. This "ass," says Bruno, is to be found everywhere,
      not only in the church but in courts of law and even in colleges. In
      his book The Expulsion of the 'Triumphant Beast' he flays the
      pedantries he finds in Catholic and Protestant cultures. In yet
      another book The Threefold Leas and Measure of the Three Speculative
      Sciences and the Principle of Many Practical Arts, we find a
      discussion on a theme which was to be handled in a later century by
      the French philosopher Descartes. The book was written five years
      before Descartes was born and in it he says: "Who so itcheth to
      Philosophy must set to work by putting all things to the doubt."

      "After two years in the custody of the Inquisitor he was taken on
      February ninth to the palace of the Grand Inquisitor to hear his
      sentence on bended knee, before the expert assessors and the
      Governor of the City.

      "Bruno answered the sentence of death by fire with the
      threatening: "Perhaps you, my judges, pronounce this sentence
      against me with greater fear than I receive it." He was given eight
      more clays to see whether he would repent. But it was no use. He was
      taken to the stake and as he was dying a crucifix was presented to
      him, but he pushed it away with fierce scorn."
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