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11784Re: Sophia and Religous sentiments

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  • holderlin66
    Nov 1, 2006
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      Bradford brought;

      "It isn't that we build the physical world up in order to imagine
      some god on the top of the heap... It is that Stephen Hawkings and
      Darwin started from the bottom and couldn't and can't in Stephen
      Hawkings case, find anything of actual spirit out of the mud pile
      even if the mud pile becomes a pyramid of skulls three stories high
      or comes about through a giant big bang where Space and Time
      suddenly appear from nothing. How do we accept such nonsense?"

      Steve Hale brought:

      " At birth, the pineal gland is fully operative as a space-keeping
      device indicative of the higher worlds that we know and experience
      between death and rebirth. If, for some reason, we were able to
      maintain the activity of the pineal gland in its extended form after
      birth, we would never lose contact with the higher worlds and the
      divine spiritual beings that we knew there. But, because our
      function as human beings on earth is to evolve our Ego, according to
      the laws of physics, i.e., the 'flat-plane concept', we must lose
      the higher functionality of the pineal gland in favor of the time

      "Let's face it; without time, we would never find our feet. The
      pineal gland is the symbol of our astral body, which is fully
      formulated prior to our birth, for obvious reasons. Once born,
      we must relinquish this knowledge in favor of the sense perception
      that serves to accord the physical body and its striving for 3-
      dimensional awareness. As a result, the part of the pineal gland
      that descends into dormancy corresponds to that part that dwells
      subsconsciously until higher knowledge seeks to bring it to

      In other words, the pineal gland contains the astral body, divided
      into two segments:

      1) the five organs that represent the sense perception necessary for
      the physical body's honing mechanism; and,

      2) the seven organs that represent the supersensible perception
      necessary for objective consciousness to arise as a consequence of
      spiritual striving."


      Bradford concludes;

      Well obviously we accept the nonsense presented by Stephen Hawkings
      and the big bang advocates and our delusional grasp of space and
      time and Einstein's concepts over Steiner's because the moral light
      that penetrated the first stirrings of the pineal gland, that must
      come about through thought, did their best to think through the
      concepts of light, space and time, to the point of unconsecrated,
      unconsecreated, who gives a shit, light, that pollutes and murders
      humanity now in depleted uranium.

      Depleted Uranium is the abstract arabistic result of disconnection
      between the moral warmth of the human I AM and the ability to
      penetrate light down to the bones until every cell, and all the
      higher bodies glow... Biblically, it knocked the disciples flat,
      this inner moral light, had such an impact at the Transfiguration,
      that it knocked the disciples flat to the ground.

      Did the glow of the Christ/Jesus physical, spiritual and core
      material form infect and poison the environment for centuries to
      come or did that light radiate a new healing power of consecrated
      light that is the core of the schooling of Spiritual Science?

      Well you may answer that any way you like. But note well, that how
      you answer that question is how you contribute to the poison that
      feeds your children's minds or contains the healing balm that will
      carry humanity upwards to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...Which is
      that Mars/Mercury of the current Earth condition changes to Jupiter
      where the slag heap of your thoughts on light will fall to a
      squirming and sizzling grave if you have bet your soul on the
      physics, the fear, and the mushroom cloud, and every bullet fired
      made from decayed and unconsecrated light that poisons the womb and
      body with an infected immoral light contained in depleted uranium.

      And Venus and Vulcan...Vulcan where we become and enter the ranks of
      the gods and become as our elders were, the great creators. And
      along the path every logical system tells you that crystal form,
      plant forms, animal forms and human forms grow to Angel, Archangel
      and Archai...and every ounce of Spiritual Science can take you along
      each step of the way.

      That is what Thomas Aquinas was doing salvaging wisdom from the top
      down as opposed to the patch work, crap shoot that we thrust onto
      our children as their education because we as adults are such weak
      minded, spineless and ignorant cads. You may ask what is Love and
      you may ask doesn't love let us off the hook because we didn't know
      and were nice people basically. Let me give you a little touch of of
      Kama Loca now. You may have heard of such a silly title as
      apocalypse now, but let me give you an exating notion of Kama loca
      now. Kama Loca now is to say to you directly that your claims of
      dull, hiding behind ignorance of every damn stupid theory and
      letting your children swallow crap when the angels gave them to you,
      will also be on your tab. Your tab is what did you do when you
      understood that you were surrounded by People of the Lie?
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