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  • holderlin66
    Oct 15 11:43 AM
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      carol wrote:

      "...I can retrieve quite vividly the experience of having
      embodied a naturally occurring creative force of `astral' beauty in
      my 32th year, (which incidentally has me still marveling), it's
      worth noting that I know that at that time, I wasn't ripe to absorb
      the `living' meaning of the statement concerning Zarathustra and

      (Of course, Z's soul/spirit's participation in the mystery was quite
      THE exception)

      For this, I was only really able to incorporate into my conscious
      experience, in a living way, without hesitation, only recently, just
      past my mid forties.

      Would YOU say that this `mature' experience points towards the
      reasons why Steiner insisted on individuals waiting until their
      forties before assuming an `authoritative' voice vis ä vis
      spiritual science?

      As opposed to creating (deciphering) theories/art forms from
      within `the lively experience of youth'.

      Here are two distinct life stages which are spaced out and differ in
      caracter: exceptional creative inspiration within (the fountain of)
      youth and unwavering conscious soul experience (through having
      processed enough complex `life' experiences and also from possessing
      an intuitive experience of mortality)

      Would you like to elaborate on these ideas? Carol."

      Bradford comments;

      Carol it is great to hear your spiritual voice. (As thought is
      spiritual activity). For those of us who are not Zarathustra, we can
      dig up example after biographical example of how our unprepared, and
      semi-karmically prepared I AM's start facing our instincts at the 30
      to the 35 mark. Distinctly we can fetch Bill Gates and we can note
      how his attention, mission, destiny, certainly centered on the
      objectification of the Global Intelligence that could well up, gush
      upwards from the deep gorge of untapped human vision, in
      connectedness everywhere. Thus all those particpating, if they have
      the means, would be faced with a storm of hidden information, vast
      fingertip libraries of humanity, Porn, and instincts, raw thought,
      Orwellian thought, Luciferically watered down or poison pill laced
      thought. Ahrimanic data, numbers, cold cruel pictures of human
      beastliness, the worst and most hideous beastliness in all of the
      beastly kingdoms.

      With this information it is not hard to see with senstive artistic
      imagination and intuition how hardened, rigidified and icy
      standpoints congeal to Horns. Ten horns or horned beasts that
      represent rigidified, forming slowly, Corporate Political systems
      that calcify into overall materialistic mind sets, that sit
      comfortably in tens of millions.

      When you add nano technology and how ahrimanic forces which have the
      intent to rip fragments of cloned humanity out of the karmic star
      fabric, such a fantasy as depicted in films like the "The
      Island" "Gattica" "Blade Runner" ...where humans are grown for
      replacement and organ parts, for Gold and Immortality and serve the
      calcification of the disease avarice, the entire Corporate anti-
      Sophia realm of The Whore of Babylon, isn't even hard to picture it
      developing out of human instincts the way John saw it.

      John did the best he could to describe it, rising up out of the
      intinctual morass of humanity, as a great congealing Anti-Human
      factoring.John's Whore of Babylon was the Shadow on Earth of bright
      Sophia Star wisdom fallen into human snares. Steiner updated and
      filled in some of the blanks that John left as theory and Steiner
      brought us into current Michael Speak which is different than
      Orwell's NEWSPEAK. At the Dawn of the Age of Light we were given
      updates and clarifications of all that was semi clouded and confused
      coming from human I AM events.

      "Newspeak was the official language of Oceania and had been devised
      to meet the ideological needs of Ingsoc, or English Socialism. In
      the year 1984 there was not as yet anyone who used Newspeak as his
      sole means of communication, either in speech or writing. The
      leading articles in The Times were written in it, but could only be
      carried out by a specialist. It was expected that Newspeak would
      have finally superseded Oldspeak (or Standard English) by about the
      year 2050"

      Seattle Times:

      "The use of powerful and well-placed words and images worked for
      INGSOC. Its slogan — war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is
      strength — fits like a truncheon in the cradle of shattered bone..."

      Bradford continues;

      Intelligent human beings don't have to be reminded that Orwell did
      us a service in writing his "1984". Grotesque human regime examples
      can be given that go back to France and Phillip the Fair that
      overturned anything to do with the feeble voice of the Magna Carta,
      on through the regime of the Inquisition and the torturing of the
      Templars giving us a mid-line of 1332 that lasted well beyond that
      period, to Stalin, Nazi Germany, Mao, and again the little section
      of time at the dawn of the 21st century, reveals once again the
      activiation of this Karmic Group, intent on ripping fragments of the
      I AM out of the Star patterns. How?

      Shakespeare and all that we could, if we so desired, to understand
      regarding why Ahriman wishes to destroy the tool of human karma by
      creating on Earth cloned replications that rip human karma to
      shreds, is simply there before us in the little poetic tragedy of
      the Kennedy brothers and Romeo and Juliet.

      "When he shall die take him and cut him out into stars and he shall
      make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love
      with night and pay no worship to the garish sun." Quoting
      Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Robert Kennedy at the Democratic
      National Convention, 8/27/64." TAKE HIM AND CUT HIM OUT INTO STARS.
      As we do when we cut little stars that are all the same because we
      have scissors and we can see how the folded paper is all linked into
      a whole.

      Bradford concludes;

      Carol and I agree that ripening, the immense instincts, those same
      instincts that rose up when the milkman in Amish PA. America, at 32,
      took innocent girls hostage because he could not bear to see what
      the I AM of his conscience knew of his own dark, dark, intent. And
      what happens when we humans get to know all the secrets of our dark,
      dark intents, that are swirling in the depths of our instincts? Bill
      Gates opened these vast doors to the gurgling flood gates and surge
      of all that is wisdom in humanity, our own Steiner Internet and
      Archive had to struggle with complacent Anthros and still does, to
      meet the vast instincts humanity carries and antidote them with
      Michael Speak or Michael thought.

      We know that adults on the path of Initiation Schooling get to know
      that these dark intincts are not meant to hit the intellect with
      their raw intensity without some preparation. That at 29 at the
      Saturn return, to well into the Jupiter and Saturn age of our
      biography we are entrusted to digest and ripen the kind of balance
      of wisdom that does not place the human being alone with his demons
      but gives him or her the tools of the Consciousness Soul.

      But Bill Gates opened the world to vast, vast instincts, insights,
      wisdom and tools....And Bill Gates was a mere 33 to 35, and if we
      just look at Bill Gates Mission, we understand that if we take the
      POF and open the mystery...Now kids, open the mystery literally
      means looking down into the dark well of our deepest instincts, and
      the roots of our I AM. What truly disturbs one and presents one with
      another aspect of looking down the Well of the I AM and looking at
      the overview and understanding the horrific courage it requires to
      ripen and mature... there is the example of the very well we are
      speaking about, in the film, "The Ring".

      Naturally it is but a film. It is but a depiction of how we
      penetrate to a most horrific mystery. A mystery that has addictive
      power to it. It is a disturbing little film, "The Ring". Aside from
      looking down the deep well and ripening our intelligence to face the
      problems we have opened up, (opened a can of worms) the POF and all
      aspects of Spiritual Science call upon the student to gain their I
      AM compass orientation from the depths of looking into the deepest
      mysteries of the Well and roots and connections to the depths of the

      Take for instance that the Water that Christ changes into wine that
      is drawn from a well, and put in clay jars, six or seven clay jars.
      Now Christ is going to first change this water from the deep bowels
      of the etheric earth, into wine. Ah but he doesn't just decide to do
      that, there is a wedding and a surge of joy and what we call
      happiness and intoxication, a point where lots of people get
      together, contribute and support, offer freely their gifts to some
      couple who is being wed. An astral surge runs through the close knit
      wedding guests, they make bread, contribute tables, sow fabrics, get
      dressed up, the farmer planted, the plants grew, the meals were
      cooked, the bread and flat breads were made from the flower, the
      donkey's turned the stone wheel that ground the wheat. Vegtables
      helped, gnomes helped, salamandars served the Donkey's, fires and
      ovens had been made and trees grew fruits and were cultivated by
      human hands and olives were sprinkled over the greens and the bread
      dipped in the olive oils. These utter basics are all contributed,
      not from a super-market but rather are all called forth from the
      treasure of old instinctive causes for celebration, community and
      human union. Instinctive Causes for celebration.

      Christ adds to this a new force where enthusiasm and joy change the
      entire chemical forces in the clay jars, and the water drawn from
      the deep regions of the Earth, in a small etheric science miracle, a
      new cognitive force has been changed by the I AM's participation.
      The I AM has plenty of sweet instincts in the well and in these
      days, what seems to sell are plenty of bitter forces that lurk like
      monsters in the well as well. Steiner was an I AM initiate and he
      like the rest of us was living in a science age where the I AM was
      not even on the table as a consideration. Steiner as an I AM
      initiate went down the well and brought out Biodynamics, Waldorf
      Education, Eurythmy and the full fledged Science of the I AM in

      And one more thing, the film "The Ring" centers around the problem
      of one child who has something so potent, say, a complete 24/7 wide
      awake, immortal force in her that cannot die and cannot be removed,
      it is an acute problem that can either be understood as our immortal
      core or rejected and become the curse and bane of humanity by
      rejecting it. We cannot kill this immortal core. We can only learn
      to ripen our courage to grasp how each individual child can be given
      the tools and foundation to cope with the great thoughts of the
      world and navigate and be given a compass that holds to a true
      Spiritual North.

      Naturally adults who are morally ripened individual are able to
      educate children and one of the Miracles of the Science of the
      Consciousness Soul is the conscious curriculum structure of Waldorf
      Education. Biodynamics is another raw Science of the Consciousness
      Soul and a victory of the I AM in the instincts of the Earth and
      Stars. Waldorf Education extends into the Angelic intervention where
      humans can plant the tools of consciousness that will be needed so
      that by age 32 to 72 humanity can ripen the immense depth of the I
      AM. Because as Carol has said, we are not Zarathustra's. We are slow
      and stubborn humans.

      Zarathustra had consolidated most of his former faculties by age
      TWELVE. So Zarathustra's twelve is like our age 30 in terms of the I
      Am ratio of speed and growth compared to the physical body of seven
      years and the etheric body and the astral body and finally the speed
      of the I AM are all differently paced clocks in the human psyche.
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