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  • carol
    Oct 10, 2006
      Bradford wrote:

      `Zarathustra removed himself consciously and let the Christ incubate
      and bring to fruition all that humanity carried up to that point'

      Though I can retrieve quite vividly the experience of having
      embodied a naturally occurring creative force of `astral' beauty in
      my 32th year, (which incidentally has me still marveling), it's
      worth noting that I know that at that time, I wasn't ripe to absorb
      the `living' meaning of the statement concerning Zarathustra and

      (Of course, Z's soul/spirit's participation in the mystery was quite
      THE exception)

      For this, I was only really able to incorporate into my conscious
      experience, in a living way, without hesitation, only recently, just
      past my mid forties.

      Would YOU say that this `mature' experience points towards the
      reasons why Steiner insisted on individuals waiting until their
      forties before assuming an `authoritative' voice vis ä vis
      spiritual science?

      As opposed to creating (deciphering) theories/art forms from
      within `the lively experience of youth'.

      Here are two distinct life stages which are spaced out and differ in
      caracter: exceptional creative inspiration within (the fountain of)
      youth and unwavering conscious soul experience (through having
      processed enough complex `life' experiences and also from possessing
      an intuitive experience of mortality)

      Would you like to elaborate on these ideas? Carol.

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66"
      <holderlin66@...> wrote:
      > Godot wrote:
      > "A few days ago there was that guy who walked into an Amish school
      > and shot 11 girls in the back of the head, to be crude I will use
      > him as an example of someone who can be cured by analytical
      > psychology, but NOT by anthroposophy, becase he cannot take the
      > leaps of faith and consequent thought-excersizes up in the stars
      > until he confronts himself on the Earth, no matter
      > how "scavangering" this will be to him. You want to propound your
      > science through cosmic rhetoric more than you want to heal, is
      > not so?"
      > "You know, Christ was crucified at age 33," says actor-turned-
      > writer/director Peter Berg, "and they say Buddha came out of the
      > forest and attained enlightenment at 33. It's a critical age for
      > men. I'm 35 now. But when I was 33, I started writing Very Bad
      > Things."
      > Bradford comments;
      > Let's take a look at this 32 year old milk delivery human being.
      > Firstly it is known that 30 to 34 is the age of going Postal. But
      > can understand what this 33 year mid-line earthly biographical
      > means better than the current Jungians.
      > John Belushi overdosed and dead at 33. Chris Farley dead at age 33.
      > Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743-July 4, 1826) is known the world
      > over as the principal author, in 1776 at age 33, of the
      > of Independence; as author of the Bill for Establishing Religious
      > Freedom instituting separation of church and state in Virginia.
      > María Eva Duarte de Perón, alias Evita died at the age of 33, at
      > 8:23 p.m. on July 26, 1952.
      > 1987 (Age 32) BILL GATES
      > Age 32 1987 - Windows 2.0
      > In 1836 Emerson was 33. In the summer of 1836 within the space of
      > just two months, Emerson met Margaret Fuller who would become one
      > the most significant intellectual relationships of his life; he
      > finished and published his first book, Nature, and he met with
      > friends to plan an ongoing symposium on new religious and
      > philosophical thought which would begin the movement eventually
      > labeled "Transcendentalism."
      > The Human Life by George O'Neil
      > " Great Book On Biography and Spirituality, July 25, 2005
      > George O'Neil did a great job by writing this study of Biography.
      > The book describes the unfolding of the human life in terms of
      > year cycles and the challenges we face in keeping up the archetype
      > of being human. Every seven years a new task lies ahead
      > after the age of 27 when most humans cease to develop inwardly.
      > book goes into detail about the need to understand the importance
      > a continuing self - education. There are some great chapters on
      > karmic companions, moon nodes etc.
      > In any case the book comes with a life chart or life map. The
      > has four perspectives: the physical, life, passions and idea, and
      > karmic levels. The life chart is really brilliantly conceived and
      > personlly fill it out every birthday. After several years I find
      > myself able to recall in an artistic way very intimate details,
      > unresolved conflicts etc. by redoing and studying this chart.
      > George included and made practical a wealth of Steiner's work and
      > insight. This wise and neglected book is difficult to attain even
      > through amazon. It is not clear whether there is in fact a Mercury
      > Press in existence. Those who can find the book have a real gem."
      > Bradford concludes;
      > Life is a blur or Life is truly biographical science. Previously
      > have examined that the etheric heart of the human being matures
      > first a pure cosmic picture in the baby; the etheric heart and the
      > change of teeth makes further adapations to the cosmic heart; the
      > astral heart arises with sexual maturity and further astral and
      > personality forces that are woven into it; and finally the I AM
      > heart emerges in this specific age range field where we find the
      > human being dead center, mid-point, at the most human, at 33 years
      > of age, between the points of 0 to 72. 72 years looking back to
      > when Steiner himself would have been 72 years of age. It is
      > who locked down for eternity the date Feb. 27, 1933.
      > What happens when the I AM and ripened heart condition is exposed
      > all its depth? The milk delivery man had a dark secret. It
      > his inner eye as he approached 32 years of age. According to what
      > have as information it came up to haunt him with powerful
      > intensity and GUILT.
      > But there is a critical learning point of development when we
      > understand the Science and psychological unfolding of the human
      > being, because there are standard and complex ripening forces that
      > truly lead to the ultimate challenge of the fully conscious, I AM,
      > human exposed heart. Zarathustra was able to fully step away from
      > his bodily penetration of Jesus, first at twelve years of age,
      > Zarathustra had collected all his former wisdom, and entered at
      > twelve the other Jesus and penetrated that powerful Jesus, of the
      > two Jesus children. Zarathustra then went further to deepen and
      > prepare for his projected intersection, think of the cosmic math
      > interesections of time and agreements between the Angel world and
      > Man.
      > But Zarathustra, once having fully penetrated as much as possible
      > the physical, etheric, astral, sentient, intellectual and
      > consciousness soul fields of the human heart, at the baptism,
      > Zarathustra removed himself consciously and let the Christ
      > and bring to fruition all that humanity carried up to that point.
      > Zarathustra expanded away from the physical form and let the
      > take what he, Zarathustra had fully prepared of language, brain,
      > thought cohesion. In other words Zarathustra floated away, looking
      > down consciously at the fully developed astral, the fully
      > etheric, all running on their own now, on automatic pilot, fully
      > function and conscious digestion, will, physical movement, and as
      > fully running I AM replication as was possible for Zarathustra to
      > hold onto. Zarathustra and The Fifth Gospel of Steiner's depicts
      > amazing glance back on the form, and consciousness that
      > watched outside of his body as Christ entered the finest prepared
      > human vehicle every set free by a human maker and let this loving,
      > living force be overshadowed and endowed with the Mighty Sun
      > Christ.
      > It is a magnificent tale that tells us the reality that
      > had been able to give as gifts a clarified etheric, and a
      > astral and finally the automatic pilot on the deepest wisdom ever
      > condensed....Zarathustra, like Sting of the Police, if you love
      > someone set them free... but this was set free or given as a gift
      > something of outstanding import. And I'm afraid we don't examine
      > the details as clearly as we could. Therefore these additional
      > insights on the Science of the I AM, are left untouched althought
      > Steiner was shaken to his roots as he attempted to convey these
      > mysteries to us.
      > Now how does our higher I AM come into the realm of sifting each
      > thread and impulse of our conscience in order to have the I AM
      > fully consciously in an area of our being somewhere around 33.
      > Jefferson at 33. Jefferson had brought his I AM into the region of
      > the objectified forces of the Intellectual Soul and brought this I
      > AM overshadowing into the thought code of America. Emerson felt
      > karma and arising Transcendentalists and Romantics the world over
      > and Emerson reached out to those of like hearts and minds, Goethe,
      > Shakespeare, Grimm. Emerson as the Roman who wrote about the
      > event at the time of Nero as Tacitus sought his deeper karmic
      > with living consciousness. Emerson sought his deeper karmic
      > Where can you ever hear such a thing with precision science of
      > viewing the relation between Tacitus and Pliny the Younger?
      > Tacitus/Emerson's close mentored friend was Pliny the Younger or
      > Herman Grimm. These two went back a long, long way. And Emerson
      > his powerful intellect reaches out to the Consciousness Soul
      > community of mankind in his Representative Men. And Steiner
      > his profound Greek/Wooden, Athenian statue, The Representative of
      > Humanity. Where are we required to take these insights?
      > Now in which direction and how we study these events, as the
      > of biography, including Bill Gates and his unfolding force at age
      > to 35 reveals also a very dangerous and interesting confrontation
      > with introspection into the well, the deep well of the I AM and
      > structure of the whole CONSCIENCE. You may ask what we can tell
      > Jungians about the science and speed bumps of biography. I'd say
      > could tell Jungians a great deal. Why son, I have a whole list of
      > insights that would shake vague Jungians out of their hiding
      > in the bushes.
      > This is all that you need to remember about the difference between
      > Jung and Steiner. Jung is Anthroposophy lite!
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