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11518Re: UFO’s; spiritual questions

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  • hlnmarie
    Oct 2, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > I've seen described in alternative media on the net, 2 types of
      > extraterrestrials. One type residing below the earth's surface,
      > horrific attributes, and another, with possibly some characteristics
      > of purity, circulating in the (physical) heavens and manifesting
      > presence here on earth, through the use,in some way, of dense
      > substance..
      > Does anyone know how to interpret this phenomena, in a physical and
      spiritual sense, and can anyone speculate how these `beings' may
      > influence Humanity at present and in the future.
      ***One of Joa Bolendas' books- not sure which one I read but it was at
      least partially in Q&A format, answered a question about UFOs. What I
      recall is that she said it was coming from this planet, by people with
      abilities left over from the distant past, and they did not know they
      were doing it. Tibet, I believe was mentioned.
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