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11417Re: Samples of the Intellectual Soul

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  • holderlin66
    Sep 13, 2006
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      Americans, especially even clearly intelligent Americans have no
      grounded historical insights. Massive brainwashing and historical
      revision repels deeper educational insights. No depth of observation
      is allowed in most schools.

      We have been led to the Intellectual Soul, that is more like the Roman
      Arena of Main Stream Media, MSM, and there, with our piddling
      intellecutal soul ethics and undeveloped moral insights, slaughtered
      en masse. Everyone is standing in the Arena and the massive character
      assassinations, lies and the hosts of beings the rise up against the
      Consciousness Soul Science of the I AM, all come from within human
      soul life itself.

      The hosts that scatter the confusion and lies, come from within human
      soul life. The more the I AM stirs in the depths, the more these
      beings threaten the feeble sentient soul stamina and intellectual soul
      stupidity as cardboard ethics collapse in a clearly vicious SOUL
      environment. People don't want to see things with any depth...The
      adventure of the Consciousness Soul Riddles of the I AM has not be
      sold to them...and idealists who verge near the ground of the
      universal human, become watered down whimps. MSM is detouring humanity
      around the current vital reality of the Age of Light.

      Steve Hale wrote:

      "The problem here is that both Keith Olbermann and Cindy Sheehan
      accept the official story concerning the cause of 9/11, and so they
      both express very politically popular views for the mainstream sheep
      who despise the Bush Administration and its whole bungling of the
      matter of world affairs;

      "Now, I suspect that if these two outspoken representatives of the
      American people were to espouse the real causes of the event on
      9/11/01, as being the genesis of the evil soradtic core of arabist-
      illuminati that seeks to rule the world by the mighty right hand of
      economic supremacy, they would be summarily denounced as off-
      balanced and non-trustworthy, thus ending their respective careers
      in support of telling the truth about current events.
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