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    Jul 2, 1999
      Dear Art,
      >That's quite a long quote re. Leadbeater.

      Yes, I could have put it in two postings but I needed to make clear both
      the pedaphilia - which Steiner referred to as a "slip" -and the sex
      magic. In Anthroposophy it is clear the the direction of working is
      always from above downwards rather than resorting to such physical means
      to manipulate the spiritual. All uses for sex for the development of
      clairvoyannce are decadent- pre Mosiac in fact- and will lead to

      >Probably this was a factor in Steiner breaking off entirely from Annie
      Besant, et.

      Yes, and Leadbeater's way of working would also have been strongly
      condemned by Blavatsky, as she indeed condemned "Nature's Finer Forces"
      by Ram Prasad which, I guess, set the direction for the OTO.

      Cordially Yours,