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11363Samples of the Intellectual Soul

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  • holderlin66
    Sep 1, 2006
      In the following link, wait for the link to connect, have your
      computer ready to view and click into the film clip. When anyone
      asks you for a sample of how the moral forces in the Intellectual
      Soul meet the Lies of the age we live in, this clip is represenative
      of the residue of moral forces in the intellectual soul region. This
      small clip represents the smallest indication of how the
      Intellectual Soul stands up and faces reality. But neither the
      Intellectual Soul, or the Sentient soul alone can combat that which
      thwarts humanity from embracing the Science of the Resurrection and
      the Science of the accomplishment of Spirit Man on Earth. Only the
      Consciousness Soul can lift, connect and link the moral forces of
      the intellect to the insights of the Consciousness Soul.


      Harold Pinter in his Nobel Prize speech also opened a vast window
      into the moral forces of the Intellectual Soul. Thousands upon
      thousands of souls offer Intellectual Soul moral clarity but without
      the grasp of how the Consciousness Soul weaves and links the three
      layers of feeling life and astral life in the Sentient Soul, cool
      etheric and logically reasoned Intellectual Soul samples and the
      vast depth of the well spring of the Consciousness Soul, education
      towards the Science of the Spirit Man on Earth remains unexplored.
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