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11317Re: An Inconvenient Truth

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  • hlnmarie
    Jul 1, 2006
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Mike T <m_thierfelder@...>
      > Hello All,
      > > ...Mike wrote:
      > I just saw al Gore's new film: An Inconvenient Truth.
      > Truths are displayed
      > very clearly, without media or political biases and state a very
      easy to
      > understand picture of the current global situation. >

      >***Truths, you say??? without bias???!!! You haven't done your
      homework my friend. I'm sure you mean well, but Mr. Gore is nothing
      but political bias. Please, stop and think: ask yourself- could this
      guy, whose whole identity's tied up with this subject listen to the
      many scientists who say global warming cannot be proved and certainly
      cannot be proved to be caused by man, and change his views without
      much loss of face? No. And Mr Gore has stated very recently on TV
      that 'there are no scientists that disagree with theses theses [re:
      global warming et. al.] he agrees with; only some crackpots.....'
      So there, Mike you have your non-bias: in Mr. Gore's opinion, 'tis
      definitional: disagree with me and you are a loony.

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