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11316Re: [anthroposophy] An Inconvenient Truth

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  • Mike T
    Jul 1, 2006
      Hello All,

      I am not a regular poster here, so please forgive any formalities that I
      may not express. I do watch from a distance and enjoy the list very
      much. I feel, as Waldorf graduate, that I have a great opportunity to
      serve everyone on this list in a tremendous way. This may be a bit off
      topic, but very relevant since I assume everyone here lives on planet

      I just saw al Gore's new film: An Inconvenient Truth. For anyone
      concerned about, and interested in helping heal the current state of our
      planets health this production is very compelling. Truths are displayed
      very clearly, without media or political biases and state a very easy to
      understand picture of the current global situation. I urge anyone and
      everyone on this list to take this opportunity to go see this film, and
      help with the great new task of turning our wasteful society around to
      produce one that will allow our children and our children's children to
      live in a happy, healthy home.

      Kindest Regards,

      Mike Thierfelder
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