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11297RE: [anthroposophy] Bondarev essays on the Web

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  • Daniel Hindes
    May 9 10:10 AM
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      Thanks, Robert. Quite interesting.

      A bit of additional background on Bondarew and his expulsion from the
      Anthroposophical Society may be helpful. The Russian edition of Bondarew's
      book (its full title would be accurately translated to "Anthroposophy at the
      Crossroads of Today's Occult Movements") contained several antisemitic
      passages, including a denial that the Holocaust ever happened (supposedly it
      was made up by Jews to elicit sympathy). Somehow these passages never made
      it into the German edition of the book. When this finally came to the
      attention of Anthroposophists in Germany, Bondarew was asked to clarify his
      views, and maintained and affirmed that he did believe and stood by what he
      had written in the Russian edition. This was problematic on a number of
      levels, since Holocaust denial is illegal in several European countries. The
      statutes of the General Anthroposophical Society allow the Vorstand to expel
      any member for any reason. Bondarew was expelled, and the explanation
      included the statement that "When individuals who also occupy themselves
      with anthroposophy express anti-Semitic views, then this can only be their
      personal opinion, never an expression of the Anthroposophical Society nor
      indeed of anthropsophy itself." Personally, I'm not sure that the term
      "excommunicated" is the best choice of words, given its religious

      Daniel Hindes

      By the way, the typeface on the web page is impossibly, illegibly small in
      some browsers (it is set to -1 in the html). IE shows it normally. Firefox
      and Opera show it as instructed (that is, really small).

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      To All:

      I have just posted two essays (in English) by
      the excommunicated Russian Anthroposophist
      Gennady Bondarev. These have not been readily
      available on the Web for some time, and I
      felt that they should be again. They are
      excerpted from his book *The Crisis of
      Civllization* (*Anthroposophie auf der Kreuzung
      der okkult-politischen Bewegungen der Gegenwart*).

      The first is a treatment of Christian ethics in
      relation to the unmasking of evil. Bondarev is
      writing in the context of the dysfunctions of the
      (Dornach) Anthro Society:

      The other is a deep meditation on "good and evil",
      and is really a book in itself:

      Robert Mason
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