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11277Death of Paul Platt

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  • tmasthenes13
    Apr 17, 2006

      Yesterday I learned about the death of Paul Platt. He died Saturday, April 8, in Sheffield, Massachusetts, in that southwest corner of the state where you find the NY-CT-MA border and within a 30 mile radius of many anthroposophical communities and Waldorf schools such as in Great Barrington, MA, Camphill at Copake, NY, as well as the Waldorf school and farm in Harlemville.

       I never knew Paul, but knew of him and some of his work. He was deeply devoted to astrosophy, to the Grail Mysteries and to Kaspar Hauser. He founded Star Cross Press and published many books about astrology in relation to inner experiences and of the body centers. I found a short biography of him here


      He was clearly a very sensitive soul, one who experienced progressively more physical pain and soul anguish, trying to  cope with the world, especially after 9/11. One of his favorite subjects was Parzifal in the Grail story of Eschenbach and he was instrumental in helping to get published, now online, the English version of Werner Greub's book How the Grail Sites were found. Paul had also published translations of some of Greub's chapters on "Wolfram's Grail Astronomy."

      You can find the book online here


      You can read about Paul's contribution here:


      I understand that Paul took counsel with his own friends and loved ones and consulted the stars and planets for a fortuitous time. For the last five years he had been suffering terribly from tinnitus, ringing in the ears, and felt deep personal inner soul and physical pain, especially in his groin. When I heard that, I immediately thought that he was suffering an almost literal "wound of Amfortas" from a bloody lance of Michaelic meteoric iron. 

      Here is a webpage for his Star Cross Press. There is a listing and description of the books he published, most of them his own, but also by a few other authors. Most of the webpage is devoted to his essay compiling the astronomical and astrological and astrosophical observations made by Rudolf Steiner in all his books and lectures.


      One of the books he published was Sophia's Astrology of the Soul by Allen Michael Mason


      I excerpt below a description of Volume 1 of 5 volumes that Paul wrote and published


      The Qualities of Time,   Volume 1

      Contributions Towards a Modern Understanding of How the Cosmos Works in Man.

      Some Results of Objective Self-Observation.

      ------ by Paul Platt

      The first volume of this series, introducing all that follows, lays a groundwork for understanding experientially man's relationship to the universe. The author, after years of exploration, determined that the cosmic realities within which we live are not of a purely physical nature, but exhibit moral and living qualities as well.

      Through twelve contemplations the author artistically evokes the cosmic forces working in the zodiac, and the struggles and potentials inherent in each zodiacal region. Included is an autobiographical section revealing the spiritual path which prepared the way for these discoveries, and a scientific section in which the detailed findings are presented in extensive tables offering a firm foundation for this new approach to the stars grounding it upon direct and empirical methods of research expanded to include super-physical phenomena.

      Finally there is a section containing 120 plus pages of charts which intend to serve as a perpetual calendar to guide the reader on his own path of systematic self exploration in relation to the living process of time. In the words of New Visions editor, Ed Treitler, "It is perhaps one of the most complete and spiritually aware interpretations, by a living scientist of our cosmic experience." 458 pgs. $35.00


      When the time he had ordained for himself came on Saturday, April 8, 2006, Paul took himself out into the woods near his house. He cut open several arteries and veins in his wrists and bled to death.


      I quote from Paul's biography


      "My first book explores the interwovenness of the three soul forces in the human being: thinking; feeling and willing with their macrocosmic counterpart in the spiritual spheres of the sun; moon and the earth. This is a very detailed and precise perception and understanding which has, I think, good potential to add an essential component to many paths today in regard to the challenge of how to live into the Qualities of Time (the title of my series of books) in an age which is increasingly estranging us from the cosmic dimensions of time and its interface with our fully human and cosmic being.

      Arthur Koestler once suggested that he thought there was a special office in the work of Divine Providence which had the task of bringing the right book to a person at the right time. Certainly a daunting one in our day and age both for us to recognize it and the beings responsible to achieve it! The various published books I have written and unpublished manuscripts have had different purposes. One has been to share with others some of the fruits of my own efforts with the hope that if what was contained in one or another title was what the person needed at a particular time it would be there for delivery.



      In addition to selecting the right Rudolf Steiner books/lectures, I would suggest reading to Paul anything about Parzifal and the Holy Grail as well as the story of Kaspar Hauser. Or simply trust that some book angel will bring you the right book at the right time for him, as he brought them to us.