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  • Terence
    Jan 9, 2006
      In the not too distant past, I happened upon an
      interesting old chap by the name of Stanley
      Messenger, an octogenarian who has a special
      perspective to share. I would encourage a visit to
      his site. Copy and past everything between the
      < ... >


      I would call particular attention to : *Claim Two.
      Here's another even more frequently heard
      statement. "Oh! I can't read The Philosophy of
      Freedom. That's far beyond me. I need to experience
      spirit in action in the world."*

      I am especailly fond of what Stanley writes near
      the end of his letter; *... Well, in the first place
      no-one approaching initiate knowledge for the first
      time will be denied human as well as super-sensible
      help and support, though, in the absence of the
      Society, it is more likely to be through the loving
      recognition of individuals than through formal
      study-groups with official auspices. But there is
      something more. We have a School of Spiritual
      Science. It was set up under the old dispensation,
      and it has remained incomplete. Anthroposophy
      didn't transform the mind-set of the pre-millennial
      western world, though it had a profound hidden
      effect upon it. Have you thought, as a member of
      that school, that it might be possible, in drawing
      a line under it, to graduate from that school?
      Perhaps no-one would get first-class honours. But
      have you thought that Rudolf Steiner, who with Ita
      Wegman, is now intensely occupied with his next
      world task, and longs to be released from the
      tragic karma of anthroposophy, might, if asked,
      happily give pass degrees to those who ask, and
      release both himself and the rest of us from what
      may otherwise become an esoteric blind-alley? There
      is so much love in the New World. We could all go
      on and join them*

      If we continue to quote Steiner and use
      Steinerism's rather than think for ourselves and
      express oursleves as best as we can, as Joel
      mentions in his recent post, are we not parts of a
      binding agent for the future of the soul-spirit of
      RS and the next phase of his work? And are we not
      also binding ourselves to the past history of

      Having read the parts, pieces and parcels of
      Spiritual Science extensively for years I am
      intimatley aware of the necessity to comprehend the
      significant difference between understanding and

      May Stanley's message be of assistance to help you
      become unfettered from the yoke of understanding
      anthroposophy....especially if you are a Beginner.
      May as well start off on the right foot, eh?

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