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  • Joel Wendt
    Jan 3, 2006
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      Lets see...Robert says that he doesn't want to participate in this list,
      except to continue to spread his confusion about someone else's
      personality...very anthroposophical, or something...


      Robert Mason wrote:

      >To All:
      >I had not been a member of this e-list for the
      >past several years, but this thread has been
      >brought to my attention. So I am re-joining
      >now in order to try to clarify some matters
      >that have been brought forth in connection with
      >my name.
      >Some posts of mine to the Yahoo "Anthroposophy
      >Tomorrow" e-list were mentioned and recommended
      >here, but no detailed directions were given
      >about the location of these posts in the AT
      >archives. So I strongly suspect that if some
      >people here did wish to read my referenced
      >AT material, they would not have been able to
      >find it. Here is information that should make
      >it easy enough to find my posts:
      >The AT archives are public; they are accessible
      >on this page:
      >If one enters the message number into the
      >"Message #" box on this page, one can easily find
      >the desired post in the archives. Here are the
      >message numbers of my most relevant posts:
      >If one reads these in sequence, I hope that
      >they will be essentially self-explanatory. I
      >also posted some materials taken from Joel
      >Wendt's websites; here are the numbers:
      >As Joel stated, two of these documents are not
      >posted on his present website. I posted these
      >two because they provide very relevant pieces
      >to a larger puzzle, which belongs to the
      >present. The picture that appears when this
      >puzzle is assembled forms a coherent whole,
      >albeit a bizarre one. And as Joel himself
      >confirmed, the first document I took from his
      >present website, i.e. the "essay (The Bodhisattva
      >Question: an American perspective) was born out
      >of work the proceeded from making the [same,
      >basic] assumption" that obviously also
      >underlies the two essays from his past
      >websites. -- I hope that all this will become
      >apparent to the reader who reads my AT posts
      >attentively and the Wendt documents discerningly.
      >-- Although I do not intend to become a regular
      >participant in this e-list, and I do not intend
      >to get involved in a futile debate with Mr.
      >Wendt, I am willing to make an effort (within
      >reasonable limits) to answer sincere questions
      >that might arise concerning this overall theme.
      >For any listees here who might wish for my
      >response, please observe the following conditions:
      >1. cc your post to me off-list at
      ><robertsmason_99[at]yahoo[dot]com>. (I probably
      >won't be reading all the posts here, so I might
      >otherwise miss questions directed to me.)
      >2. Keep the subject line the same as above.
      >(So that your post to me doesn't get lost in
      >the mix.)
      >3. Allow at least several days, maybe even a
      >week or more, for my reply. (I don't get much
      >time online; I have other things to do; and I'm
      >just plain slow anyway.)
      >Robert Mason
      >Yahoo! DSL – Something to write home about.
      >Just $16.99/mo. or less.
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