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  • Robert Mason
    Jan 3, 2006
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      To All:

      I had not been a member of this e-list for the
      past several years, but this thread has been
      brought to my attention. So I am re-joining
      now in order to try to clarify some matters
      that have been brought forth in connection with
      my name.

      Some posts of mine to the Yahoo "Anthroposophy
      Tomorrow" e-list were mentioned and recommended
      here, but no detailed directions were given
      about the location of these posts in the AT
      archives. So I strongly suspect that if some
      people here did wish to read my referenced
      AT material, they would not have been able to
      find it. Here is information that should make
      it easy enough to find my posts:

      The AT archives are public; they are accessible
      on this page:

      If one enters the message number into the
      "Message #" box on this page, one can easily find
      the desired post in the archives. Here are the
      message numbers of my most relevant posts:

      If one reads these in sequence, I hope that
      they will be essentially self-explanatory. I
      also posted some materials taken from Joel
      Wendt's websites; here are the numbers:

      As Joel stated, two of these documents are not
      posted on his present website. I posted these
      two because they provide very relevant pieces
      to a larger puzzle, which belongs to the
      present. The picture that appears when this
      puzzle is assembled forms a coherent whole,
      albeit a bizarre one. And as Joel himself
      confirmed, the first document I took from his
      present website, i.e. the "essay (The Bodhisattva
      Question: an American perspective) was born out
      of work the proceeded from making the [same,
      basic] assumption" that obviously also
      underlies the two essays from his past
      websites. -- I hope that all this will become
      apparent to the reader who reads my AT posts
      attentively and the Wendt documents discerningly.

      -- Although I do not intend to become a regular
      participant in this e-list, and I do not intend
      to get involved in a futile debate with Mr.
      Wendt, I am willing to make an effort (within
      reasonable limits) to answer sincere questions
      that might arise concerning this overall theme.
      For any listees here who might wish for my
      response, please observe the following conditions:

      1. cc your post to me off-list at
      <robertsmason_99[at]yahoo[dot]com>. (I probably
      won't be reading all the posts here, so I might
      otherwise miss questions directed to me.)

      2. Keep the subject line the same as above.
      (So that your post to me doesn't get lost in
      the mix.)

      3. Allow at least several days, maybe even a
      week or more, for my reply. (I don't get much
      time online; I have other things to do; and I'm
      just plain slow anyway.)

      Robert Mason

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