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  • Joel Wendt
    Dec 26, 2005
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      Dear Emil, (and dear list-mates: don't read this if you are not
      interested in more on this theme)

      Never heard of righteous anger, I'd guess.

      To you and to those who perhaps might want to and ought to read
      Robert's comments...some general rules.

      First read the source material that Robert abstracts quotes from.
      What Robert did, in a kind of unhealthy obsession with regard to me, was
      to assemble what seems like a lot of personal material from a number of
      places where I related biographical facts. If you read the original
      sources, you will see that he was quite selective in his quoting from me
      and took any number of things out of their context, and by this process
      in effect changed the meaning of what was written.

      For example, biographical material is perhaps a one hundreth of a
      percent of my writings, and Robert having found out that I "ran" for
      President, decides this is nutty in itself, never quoting any of the
      material explaining the nature of the act, or what was hoped to be
      accomplished. Nothing of what I have written about politics does he
      relate, as if the responsibilities of citizenship is something about
      which he has no personal experience.

      He says for example, that I don't know anything about threefolding,
      which is why I suppose two of my essays (Threshold Problems in Thinking
      the Threefold Social Order - http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/thpts.html, and
      The Social-Spiritual Organism of a Waldorf School Community -
      http://ipwebdev.com/hermt/ssows.html) on that subject are on the UK
      threefolding website in the company of some others of like value, or why
      the Central Regional Council in America made a study of my essay Waking
      the Sleeping Giant: the mission of Anthroposophy in America -

      Not satisfied with that, if you read him carefully you will find
      that once having quoted me, he goes on to "interpret" what was written,
      further creating a twisted meaning where before something else existed.
      Then on the basis of this entirerly new meaning, which he has invented,
      he makes judgments about me, calling me (essentially) certifiably crazy.

      The main source of his commentary is an essay I wrote called: The
      Bodhisattva Question: an American Perspective
      (http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/bqaapx.html). He has also (somehow)
      downloaded and kept material that I deleted from my websites, finding
      (for various reasons) what was written to be unsatisfactory, such that I
      no longer wanted to make it public. Yet, Robert continues to insist
      that he can judge and know, as now does Emil.

      Without doubt he does create a frightening picture, but the
      operative word is create. In the age of the Consciousness Soul, what we
      need from each other is not conclusions, but shared pictures offered in
      invitation to our own free judgment of what it means. So by all means
      read carefully what he wrote if you are so inclined, but please also
      read the rest and then judge for yourselves.


      p.s. thanks to those who made their own comments, and again I apologize
      and hope with these words to put the matter to rest. We have better
      things to do here.
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