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  • BAle2391@aol.com
    Dec 25, 2005
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      Hi List-mates, fellow students on classroom earth and debating society,
          I feel the Love or lack there of. I'm a young student at 73yrs having had a few demons, bad habits, wrong choices, etc., but a basic Love affair with the Fellow who set up the sign posts for The Way.  I was going to say to Joel, I sensed we went to different schools together. Wondered what year he was at the Academy and did he do any flying? For some others who have a fondness for birds to do what they do. Perhaps it is best I sit back, listen and find out what to do and not to do as others see and experience their Way through the eye of the needle. Must admit this last round has taken me by surprise, I thought this might be a place to share what has been seen and experience on The Way. Your right about the log and bean Joel. And Love, Love, Love the raw material of the Macrocosm, Microcosm, me and thee and all the Beings coming and going we should Love every one of them, we don't have to like what acts through them at the time, but Love them for the lesson taught (if you were paying attention) You might even have been a warrior and responsible for part of their lesson plan along with your own. I'm sure many have their view on karma. Live it, Love it, Learn from it...
      LOVE the essence of the Law and Laws. I pray you find one that isn't that I might learn from you. 
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