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  • emil_rio
    Dec 25, 2005
      From what I understand of Joel Wendt, he is not a good general guide
      for Anthroposophy, especially those who have come to Anthroposophy
      fairly recently. He answers questions with other questions; he
      condescendingly turns the inquirer away from the hierarchy of angels,
      the Time Spirit, etc. towards pure epistemology, which should be
      studied for preparatory training of the intellect, but is not
      necessarily for everyone without qualification at the beginning. Joel
      Wendt should not be advising - beginners especially - anyone on their
      individual paths of anthroposophical or spiritual discovery. He is
      influenced by Tomberg, which will be sure to bring in unending
      convolutions and twistings on the path of inquiry, like a Tarot card
      deck with several cards missing and consequently without full or
      adequate answers to anything, ever. Much of his thinking is
      unfortunately distorted, as in a hall of mirrors, broken mirrors, and
      will consequently tend to distort the student's thinking similarly.
      Here he is at Christmas writing about egrogores, addicts, doubles,
      alcoholics, Tomberg, etc. and advises others to take up his book "The
      Way of the Fool." If you go without hesitation down the path he
      points out, that's just what you will be. On the other hand, he is
      not without benefit for certain kinds of thinkers, similar to
      himself, or with similar experiences. They will likely come in
      singing his praises.

      Joel would make a good dramatist, the type of drama where the central
      character, standing off in a doorway down a dark alley, wears a mask
      and speaks in bequiling, elusive half-truths; he urges you to step
      off of the path and enter into his parlor. At the end of the evening,
      having spent some intellectual energy in this parlor, everyone goes
      home baffled, and for several weeks thereafter they lose a lot of
      time on the numerous twisted byways that resulted from the drama
      experience, before finally finding their proper paths again. That's
      Joel's special drama.

      Robert Mason did a lengthy analysis, from years of study, of Joel
      Wendt and his writings on the "Anthroposophy Tomorrow" e-list, that
      anyone considering following the advice of Joel Wendt should research
      carefully and read. Although you may not agree with Robert Mason's
      conclusions, or might consider them harsh, it is best to be aware of
      them and to read them. They are a clear warning.

      If you seriously follow someone who has distortions, then you will
      take on those same distortions in your soul. That's why Joel is not
      good for beginners. Those already secure on their path could possibly
      benefit from his points of view.

      Now, I am not willing to engage my energies with any argumentative
      responses to this post; if Joel speaks to anyone in a special way,
      that's fine, there are similarities. Accepted.

      Please just take this post as a warning.
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