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11157Re: [anthroposophy] Hierarchies, anyone??

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Dec 18, 2005
      Dear Lee

      You've captured the spirit in which my remarks were intended and I take Joel's post as friendly correction from one philosophically minded striver to another. The uplifting of your own spirit is on a wavering line of integrity where balance is sometimes very delicate so that care in thought, word and deed can make a great difference - both to yourself and others. At the end of the day it is the whole of mankind that we care for, as you yourself point out.

      Intuition is 'just knowing, immediately' and how I wish my artistic capacities are greater. That they have developed at all, rather late in life, I owe to anthroposophy.



      On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 04:54:03PM -0800 or thereabouts, Lee A. wrote:
      > It is hard to respond to Joel's comments about Maurice's comments. On one hand there is a valid point being made, but sorry to say, the nature of the critique points to the a well known isolationism of AP from the rest of the world and other spiritual paths. The use of jargon and philosophically "correct" insider lingo throws a cold shower on a sincere and warm hearted post. The issue for me is not percepts and concepts but the ability to use everyday language to communicate the same idea. Obviously, Maurice was not implying he could clairvoyantly witness the departure of butterflies but a simple, statement like, "as described" "or told" or indicated by those who can see such things, would have cleared this up. Yet, many will also admit to a sensing of the higher beings working through the world and cosmos and take no shame in using one's imagination to envision what they may be engaged in. This practice tested of course against false egotiscal projections.
      > What is not developed in this thread is the nature of "intuitive insight": the recognition of a metaphysical fact or truth as soul experience. Slight or willowy as these may be, they are signposts along the way. This is a type of soul sensing and experiencing but it does remain unverifiable in either scientific or spiritual practice. I think it is important to remember also that there are several "paths" of the spirit contained within AP and not all will harmonize with each other. Those dedicated to P of F may not find a Eurthymist comprehensible when speaking of sensing the etheric currents flowing through the hands, fingers and legs or the activation of the throat chakra in a performance or practice session. The same holds for someone who has taken on the path of pure practice and is "doing" the work of Knowledge of Higher Worlds with little attention to study or book study. Their insights may be more personal and substantial but not nearly as well rounded intellectually.
      > This is the nature of individualized work and it behoves us to support each other on the path.
      > Lee
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