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11152Re: [anthroposophy] Hierarchies, anyone??

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  • Joel Wendt
    Dec 17, 2005
      Maurice McCarthy wrote:

      >I can only tell you what happened to myself. Through studying basic works of Steiner a certain feeling for their reality gradually grew. This was especially due to gaining insight into the sacrifices these beings have made for us. Imagine sacrificing not only your eyes but just about all sensation for the sake of your children. The only thing the highest angels see of the Earth is the death of the butterflies as scintillations of light. From this meagre perception that have to interpret all they can as to what is happening here. All the joy of seeing their spiritual children grow they have sacrificed for our sake.
      >Don't know where to point you to make a beginning but for some reason I keep thinking of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.
      Dear Maurice,

      I want to interject a note of caution here. Unless you've done
      something of which you otherwise don't give evidence, you don't "know"
      that bit about the butterflies - that is you lack the relevant percept
      (experience). You may have an "understanding" of such a thing based
      upon something Steiner said (his providing of a percept-less concept),
      but that "understanding" is entirely dependent upon the accuracy of
      Steiner's research and his ability to represent his "experience and
      knowledge" in language.

      This distinction between "knowing" and "understanding" is crucial to
      appreciating what Anthroposophy actually is - that is, it is not the
      content of the reports of the spiritual scientist, but rather the methed
      (the how) - the path of cognition (heart-thinking) which gives birth to
      the modern clair-thinking never before possible in human evolution.

      This confusion (about the difference between knowing and
      understanding) is epidemic in anthroposophical circles, and has lamed
      the Society and Movement. As we enter the tasks of the 21st Century,
      students of Steiner must return to the basics (the epistemologies), or
      knowledge of the "how" of heart-thinking will be lost.

      warm regards,
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