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11151Re: [anthroposophy] the etheric Christ

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  • Joel Wendt
    Dec 17, 2005
      Dear Chantel,

          What do you mean by "over come the self."?  Please expand on this idea.

      warm regards,

      Cheeseandsalsa@... wrote:
      AOL Email
      I agree with you Joel.  Some of the chapters are lacking.  I guess that is why he calls it an introduction.  He could expound more on certain points.  There is much work to be done.  Doing the exercises and studying anthrposophy isn't enough.  We have to work through our struggles with our double as Joel mentioned.  We have to ride out the waves of our karma and biographies and tackle the necessary issues in order to over come the self.  It is a overcoming of the soul and its need on earth that is the task.  Someday on a warm horizon we will find we have done just that.  There is much invested in one single life.  Very much.  Looking at our lives and discovering the uncovering of the self.  In the dying and becoming we will quicken the Christ impulse.  Fertilizing its seed with what we have been given in knowledge,wisdom and especially experience and wisdom.    warmly, Chantel
      "And until you truly have
      This ""dying and becoming,""
      You are but a troubled guest
      Roaming over the dark earth." ~Goethe

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