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  • Joel Wendt
    Aug 23, 2005
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      Dear Lee,

          I can understand your point of view expressed below, but at the same time my own research suggests that the matter is much more complicated.  Having raised five children through adolescence and our present media culture, it is clear to me that there does exist a natural balance in the development of individual moral sensibilities of the heart.

          This is, in the Age of the Consciousness Soul, a time in which people have the potential for a natural threshold experience of the Good.  It isn't necessary for people to become anthroposophists (Christ is far wiser than that), but only that they begin to find their way to heart thinking (true conscience).  This arises in modern culture in many ways, and I have observed among those seemingly most vulnerable to the confusion of images, great individual moral strength.

          In point of fact, there is in film, TV and the Internet, a whole moral artistry that can be observed.  A film, to give an example, that sends members of the audience out into the world with an impulse to discuss and ponder, guides the soul toward is higher potentials.  So the Matrix, or Pay it Forward, or Joan of Arcadia etc. (just to name a few), having been penetrated with the artistic spirit of their creators, can engender deeper consciousness on the part of the audience, post the film experience.

      warm regards,

      Lee A. wrote:
      A great reminder of what now is epidemic among the young- complete enslavement of the imagination to pseudo images of reality.

      AJM <abrasax7@...> wrote:
      Dear Friends:

      O.K. Daniel Here is the quote...

      aain regarding this news article:


      Cosmic and Human Metamorphoses

      LECTURE 4

      "Ask yourselves frankly and honourably, what is really most like what
      you see in the street: a picture painted by an artist, an immobile
      picture, or the dreadful sparkling pictures of the cinematograph. If
      you put the question to yourselves quite honourably, you will admit
      that what the artist reproduces in a state of rest is much more like
      what you see. Hence, while people are sitting at the cinema, what they
      see there does not make its way into the ordinary faculty of
      perception, it enters a deeper, more material stratum than we usually
      employ for our perception. A man becomes etherically goggle-eyed at
      the cinema; he develops eyes like those of a seal, only much larger, I
      mean larger etherically. This works in a materialising way, not only
      upon what he has in his consciousness, but upon his deepest
      sub-consciousness. Do not think I am abusing the cinematograph; I
      should like to say once more that it is quite natural it should exist,
      and it will attain far greater perfection as time goes on. That will
      be the road leading to materialism. But a counterbalance must be
      established, and that can only be created in the following way. With
      the search for reality which is being developed in the cinema, with
      this descent below sense-perception, man must at the same time develop
      an ascent above it, an ascent into Spiritual reality. Then the cinema
      will do him no harm, and he can see it as often as he likes. But
      unless the counterbalance is there, people will be led by such things
      as these, not to have their proper relation to the earth, but to
      become more and more closely related to it, until at last, they are
      entirely shut off from the Spiritual world."

      It does not relate in the original manner which I first thought,
      however this link is a very good example of Goethean Science, as it
      relates to the perception of the eye.


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