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  • Hogie McM
    Jul 11, 2005
      Dear Gentlemen:

      As an addendum of sorts to the conversation,
      Dr. Steiner was well aware of, at least, the rare historical work
      by Trithemius of Sponheim, which can be further researched in depth in
      the Appendix of 'The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours" ;
      whose reference dates are written by Dr. Steiner as a footnote
      in his 'True and False Paths of Spiritual Investigation',
      and also given superb treatment in an essay 'Histroical Periods and
      the Fate of Nations' written by Walter Johannes Stein, one of Dr. Steiner's
      closed and most developed pupils, in the book entitled 'The Death of Merlin
      (Floris Books).


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      > Dear Br. Cole,
      > Welcome to the list. I have been reading the some of the postings on
      > Frater Maui's list and have noted some misunderstandings.
      > Firstly, let me say that Dr. Steiner did not teach in a dogmatic
      > manner; and also, he always tried to examine clairvoyantly for
      > himself, any information he gave out to the public. As for the
      > Rosicrucian path, he said any occult subject can be viewed from many
      > sides- twelve in fact. So it is important to ask questions and not be
      > stuck on just one point of view. (I believe you can find more on this
      > in his "Theosophy of the Rosicrucians".)
      > As for Rudolf Steiner's teaching that Michael is the Archangel of this
      > age, he was not alone or the first with this. (Dr. Steiner told us not
      > to slur the "el" and pronounce it "Micha-el".)
      > Abbot Trithemius, teacher of Paracelsus, also taught this and also
      > described the date of 1879 as being the start of his regency.
      > From Stephen's page:
      > http://www.vermontel.net/~vtsophia/zodtrop1.htm
      > "Now, there is a third subordinate cycle within the decans of the
      > Archangels, which is difficult to reconcile as a septenary within the
      > twelvefold zodiac. In 1508 there was written a "little book on
      > mystical chronology mystical chronology" by a certain Johannes
      > Trithemius (1462-1516), Abbott of Sponheim. His sources had been a
      > similar manuscript written by Peter of Abano (1215-1313) who was a
      > learned scholar and translator of the Kabbalistic and astrological
      > books of Rabbi ibn Ezra. According to the researches of Christopher
      > Bamford, the first English translation of the little book was by the
      > English magician, William Lilly. Later it surfaces in the occult
      > writings of the Frenchman, Eliphas Levi (1855) and passed on by him to
      > Anna B. Kingsford and Edward Maitland, two more English, but Christian
      > occultists. From Maitland, the book passed on the W. Wynn Wescott, all
      > of whom were members of the T.S. and close friends of the good Madame
      > H.P.B. Indeed, there is a small footnote to Trithemius in volume I of
      > the SECRET DOCTRINE, although not another word of it is mentioned.
      > Wescott published it in 1896, presumably as a magic ritual for the
      > members of the Golden Dawn."
      > These archangelic periods are of 354 years and 4 months in length.
      > Raphael doesn't precede or follow Michael in this system.
      > Now there are some anthroposophical endeavours which place themselves
      > under Raphael- I know there is a "Raphael college" for instance. So
      > that is not extraordinary.
      > I have some more points to cover, but that will do for now.
      > Warm Regards,
      > Bruce
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