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11003Biodynamic question

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  • Mark Moodie
    Jun 5, 2005

      I wonder if any of you have an idea where Dr Steiner got the BD preparations
      from. I mean the recipes, the particular flowers in the particular sheaths.
      I am trying to find mechanisms and principals behind this.

      Failing this I wonder if any of you can trace back the preparations from the
      final recipes thought by thought to some principals from daily life.

      I am asking because at some time it is very likely that the BD preparations
      will have to pass European legislation which all agricultural products will
      have to pass. The legislation is created for pesticides and the like so a
      lot is to do with maximum residue levels and safe handling etc, but also
      required are demonstrations of efficacy, active ingredients, modus operandi
      etc. It is possible that a 'reasoned argument', which is acceptable to my
      'educated peers' will suffice - hence me opening up this one to you, my
      specifically educated peers.

      Thanks for your consideration.

      (I am also on the Anthroposophy tomorrow, Anthro-scienice list and BDNow and
      asking the same questions.)
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