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  • Hogie McM
    May 2, 2005
      Regarding your question as to the inconceivability-- in the next 3000 years (actually RS said 2500 years from 1933,the advent of the Second Coming of Christ, which brings one to the exact middle of the next Michaelic Cosmopolitan Epoch, 4433 A.D. to experience Christ in the Etheric) or even 11,000 years out-- that 5 or 6 billion people will be willing or even be aware of a choice in wanting to accept or come to direct spiritual realization of the Risen Christ (the challenge that Paul left us with, recapitulating the experience that Paul had at Damascus, but now through our own efforts, not inoculated inititation)--
      perhaps the path of thinking that leads to the following may be of assistance: as in days at the beginning of the first epochs in the Post-Atlantean Epoch-- Indian, Persian, Egypto-Chaldean-- when the etheric body of man was more clearly seperated from the conjoiture of the physical body (especially in the head region)-- so in the future, well within the timelines given above, will -- as a natural course of human evolution, an objective occurrence/process-- the etheric body of man slowly begin to seperate out from the physical body again...this will enable the astral body to imprint itself onto the etheric body (without the influence of the physical sense), and thus cause natural experience for man in his etheric nature of the radiation from the Spiritland, (which he will be able to carry back with him in memory)which will include a direct experience of the Christ Being, probably in the form of the Replicas of the Etheric and Astral, and 'I' Bodies of the Christ Being, as we know the Sacrifices of the Christ being continues throughout Earth Evolution.
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      From: Lee A.
      Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 10:07 PM
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      Your response does illuninate the questions quite well and especially concerning the development of ego conscousness and meeting with the Cosmic Ego or I. I am still concerned with the slow progress of religion (its seems to be regressing rather than progressing throughout the world). And I understand the Platonic aspect of your first response yet still am certain that RS was clear that it was not just the Christ like qualities of the soul that are important in this age of consciousness soul but also the realization of the Christ Being as It is. In a sense it like denying the sun but acknowledging the warmth and light of the sun. And this is meant to be done while in incarnation and not necessarily after death as I understand it.. Freedom is a tantalizing and complex experiment.

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