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10983Re: R: [anthroposophy] Christ in the East

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  • Lee A.
    Apr 30 10:34 AM
      Yes. This is helpful and right on the mark.

      VALENTINA BRUNETTI <okcgbr@...> wrote:
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      Hi Lee,
      here we have to bear in mind , before all, the difference between "Mahayana" (and "Vairayana") and "Hinanayana" on  the topic issue of the "I" as the core of the Human Being.
      While "hinanyana" has lost this basic knowledge  inside "Mahayana" the experience of this "I" is still possible in spite of some lack of clarity of the basic books on the topic. 
      The problem is complicated by the fact that the Buddhism that is at tthe moment available in the West is , for the most part" a confuse mix-up of different issues and school. (Here in Italy is flourishing a kind of Red Berets Tibetan Stream school).. So what really makes sense in Buddhism, , namely the Eightfold path, is often overwhelmed by second-hand topics that often look like Western Nihilism or Reductionism.
      This kind of "soup" is a kind of Double of what is happening in the Heavenly Zone due to work of the Buddha and CR on Mars.

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