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10960Fare-well Tam!

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  • Jan
    Apr 10 3:04 AM
      The Term, 'honest politician' has become an oxymoron, but Tam Dalyell is
      the exception that proves the rule.
      Friday dawned sadly for Britain, not because of the funeral of the Pope,
      but when Tam-the man they can't gag-Dalyell, retired from Parliament, and
      therefore from his honourary office as 'Father of the House of Commons', a
      title bestowed upon the longest serving MP. Can any good thing come out of
      politics, you may ask? Well, not usually. But Tam Dalyell is that rarest
      being, an honest politician who never, ever, compromises on the truth as he
      sees it and who has no price. No one buys Tam. No one shuts him up.

      He settled, therefore, for the back benches rather than the high office he
      could easily have enjoyed, and such is the spirit power of true integrity
      and utter honesty that even the slippery sub human politico-clones currently
      in Parliament uneasily and reluctantly respect the man they cannot coerce.
      I truly believe that it is that unswerving orientation to the particular and
      personal lode-star of truth that affords protection from adversarial attack
      and allows the voice that cries, or in this case, most ably reasons, from
      the wilderness, to be heard by those who still have ears, and not be

      The longest serving politician in Britain, Tam Dalyell comes straight out
      of the British Establishment ( 11th Scottish Baronet, educated at Eton,
      King's College Cambridge and serving with the Royal Scots Guards) At
      Cambridge, he ran the Conservative Association, but soon became a Socialist
      and has since been known as 'the man who can't be gagged' and 'a thorn in
      the side of the Prime Minister' (and that means every Prime Minister) as his
      uncomfortable honesty and outspokenness was applied equally and searingly to
      all Governments, of either political persuasion.
      Because in Britain, although there is a ghostly chimera of three parties,
      really there are only the two horns of the Beast and one Soratic enslavement
      agenda behind all.

      If Tony Blair, as present Prime Minister, has a 'thorn in the flesh' he is
      in good company. Paul had one also.

      'And because the revelations were so very great, in order that I might not
      be overmuch lifted up, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, one sent
      from Satan to give me pain.' Corinthians

      In Paul's case, the thorn was sent by Satan as aid to overcoming vanity and
      spur to humility, as well as making common cause with suffering humanity.
      In Blair's case, where prick of conscience seems utterly lacking, a silica
      rich, light-transparent thorn is urgent necessity to pierce the over
      inflated Luciferic bubble of self esteem and madness that conceals Ahriman's
      fell purpose in those he enslaves, and where Blair encounters only his own
      grinning and fear distorted mirror image in all directions. Such is the
      terrible fate of those who take the path of Ahrimanic initiation, who have
      taken the pieces of silver. His only chance to regain his fast shrinking
      humanity is, as it is for us all, that Thorn be trodden as Path and embraced
      as Crown.
      In such publicly compromised and abandoned humanity as is now
      demonstrated by those in Ahrimanized-political positions such as Blair's, an
      acute case, a full blown Symptom of all our inner maladies stands spot-lit
      before us. The sense for truth, literally the ability to tell true from
      false is either lost or, more dangerously and terribly, deliberately ignored
      in such as Blair, who is a product of the same establishment as Tam
      Dalyell. Joe Public is divided on the question of whether he is an
      accomplished liar and actor, or if he has come to believe his own lies.
      Either way, he has no credibility and yet will win the coming election by
      sheer default. Politically, Joe Public has nowhere to go.

      ³I have served in the House of Commons as a Labour Party member for 41
      years, and I would never have dreamed of saying this about any one of my
      previous leaders. But Blair is a man who has disdain for both the House of
      Commons and international law.² Tam Dalyell (on the Iraq war)

      When Tam steps down, is there another of his caliber to be Thorn?

      Years ago, when I was young, it was still customary for politicians to
      debate in the Houses of Parliament. This is no longer the case, at least
      not in any real sense. Decisions are mostly announced, votes whipped, and
      bills passed and discussed retrospectively in truncated fashion, with
      perhaps an afternoon or maybe one day allowed for debate. (Whip is the
      title of those whose are actually appointed to bribe or threaten MP's into
      voting the 'right' way - the word 'whip' says it all!)
      Its a done deal, as is the case with the coming compulsory, and very
      popular, Biometric Identity Cards, nurtured and bred in a public Petri dish
      of terror. While the 'I' is being greedily gobbled up by Asuras, people are
      assured of an Ahrimanic unique and electronically recognized and affirmed
      'Identity' of their very own. To keep us 'free', they assure us. Yes, and
      war is peace.

      But once, in the days when there was still a semblance of Parliamentary
      procedure, when a few MP's had some conscience, I used to listen to
      political debates, especially if Tam Dalyell was speaking, for the sheer
      pleasure of hearing well reasoned, non abusive and measured argument in
      excellent English, with the time honoured practices of the House still in

      'I give way to the Honourable Gentleman' a speaker 'having the floor',
      would announce mid speech, if another wished to make a point and then wait
      until the objection had been fully made before proceeding. It seemed to
      work, at least facilitated discussion. It was a courtesy, a formula that
      recognized the validity of another view, another human perspective, even if
      agreement was never reached. Good manners, after all, are simply a basic
      foundation for much that is most truly human, a mobile and easy vehicle for
      relating. The greeting 'How are you?' if truly asked and answered, is more
      than a mere formality. It can be, even very briefly, a genuine meeting, an
      exchange, fructification or point of entry for solace, empathy, something

      And let me add in passing that I make no apology for enjoying good
      English, with its infinite shading, emphasis, descriptive strengths, its
      structure and clarity of form, especially in old fashioned Parliamentary
      debate, just as I equally enjoy it when it turns anarchist, breaks heads,
      cracks forms, spits out rules and calls a cheeky and untrammeled footloose
      'goodbye!' to grammar and rises as poetry, or genuinely 'novel' prose or
      song, or descends to explore what shines amid the trash in the gutter.
      We receive warnings now, before most TV or Radio programs that 'This
      program contains strong language' when what is meant is foul abuse and
      invective, which is only blunt and bludgeoning sub human sound-stun-gun of
      the weak. There is nothing of strength in it. Strength is born of
      gentleness, founded in truth, infinitely subtle.

      And of course there is plenty of Lawyer-speak sophistry still to be heard
      in Parliamentary circles, but without the gravitas of inner conviction, that
      subtle, soul-penetrating truth behind the word that rings resonance in Joe
      Public, who yet has, to a significant extent, the 'healthy common sense'
      that Rudolf Steiner placed such reliance upon. It may yet, and
      unexpectedly, bear rich fruit.

      Rudolf Steiner was clear that no one, not the highest Initiate, can second
      guess the Christ. He moves on, acts out of His own Will, His own Purpose,
      and we can only make ourselves cognizant and willed participant in His
      Deeds, we cannot possibly foretell them. Nor ignore their potential and
      power for utter transformation of the direst situation, the darkest day.

      Tam Dalyell took, bee like, the distilled best that could undoubtedly be
      drawn from the old, outdated and over-blown Masonic British Establishment
      and used its forms, education and the undoubted privilege he was born to
      for the best good of humankind, as he saw it. I have not always agreed with
      him, but always held him in respect.
      Tam, the Thorn in the side, the uncomfortable, irritating bee-sting prick
      of truth, will, I am sure, not cease to work and to speak. But Parliament
      is the poorer today.