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10955Re: What are nebulae?

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  • holderlin66
    Mar 15, 2005
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      CCAT wrote

      Does it ever happen that all planets align in order, meaning, does
      it ever happen and when, that every planet eclipses another?

      Thank you for answering, I would appreciate it.


      Bradford responds;

      There is an answer to both the Math and structural system of a
      working cosmos that you ask. Jupiter has many moons and their form
      of eclips is different than Earth's form of eclipse. One thing that
      stands out in stunning clarity is the exact fit of the Moon distance
      to fit exactly over the Sun disc...This is a stunning piece of
      adjustment and math that, for our world, Earth, our Moon and the
      exact distance from our eye perspective is also how biology, size,
      biological ratio and what I like to term, calibration is created on
      the Earth in biological beings.

      This is a stunning insight and, as with questions and people who
      question, they really haven't penetrated very deeply into the nature
      of the Math, the systems of Life on Earth and how planets, gestation
      cycles, such as the Elephant gestation in relation to the Mars orbit
      and the Horse in relation to the Earth...asking one Parsifal like
      question raises others.

      However to let you off the hook and get your thinking into a
      relationship with reality I can suggest this: PITCHBLACK

      What do my eyes see?
      A total eclipse.


      It turns out that this desolate planet is home to a bat-like
      nocturnal species with a voracious appetite, which normally lies
      dormant deep underground far from the glaring sunlight on the
      surface. In addition, the normally sun-swept planet is subject to a
      total eclipse once every twenty-two years, the product of clockwork
      celestial alignment, plunging the planet into total darkness for
      days on end. And guess what? It's about time for the next eclipse,
      and feeding time is about to begin...

      When the lights go out, this psycho family of ours will tear itself
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