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  • nuchamber
    Mar 6, 2005
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      Dear Harvey,

      Thanks for the "hornery" Honesty; I loved it....
      Great post.

      Regards, Jud

      --- earlyfire@e... wrote:
      > Dear Mark,
      > Thank you for reminding that flame is potentially advarsarial to
      the anchor of honesty. Flame, in literary and poetic domain and
      nuance is not merely perceptual, but rather allegorical, and in
      Earlyfire's desire to invoke the overtones of this experience, to
      enter a realm of imaginative consciousness, brings to mind the astral
      qualities of eagerness, zeal, flair. Steiner himself compares the
      colorful peacock feathers to this realm in his description of the
      station of the second degree of initiation; and though imagination
      only reluctantly consents to allow itself to be compressed into
      description, it is worth noting that any aspiration to higher
      consciousness "looks forward to incandescence, to catharsis, to the
      burning away of veils, veils of vehemance, dogma, interest in
      formularistic compacting, and in overcrystallizing of knowledge from
      the river of experience.
      > Here again, Steiner, in his description of the ascent to Inspired
      Cognition which will enter onstage and preoccupy humanity throughout
      the yet-unborn-and-predestined theater of future Jupiter,
      forgetting, 'unholding-fast', dispossession of opinions and
      structures and scaffoldings of knowledge is essential, is a sine-qua-
      non to entering, or rather, to being invited and welcomed gracelike
      into the flow and swirl and rush of Macrocosmic thought which is the
      source of blessings and bestowals for the healing of the world, and
      is brought down by initiates consciously and artists often both
      intentionally, whether consciously or unconsciously.
      > Finally, by way of bridge-building which links the esoteric
      bonds 'twixt all mystery schools, an endeavor every student in
      Michael's School will cherish, we touch down into the ancient Kabal,
      particularly in the upgraded more modern consciousness-soul
      adaptation of Kabal which in Poland appear in the 17th century Baal-
      Shem-Tov's Hasidic teaching. (See Buber's "Tales of the Hasidism" to
      fill in your history). And so we hear of the word "Hitlahavut",
      literally, "the burning", which refers to the searing away of veils
      of ignorance and obsession with dross of desire (Steiner's
      term "Achamod" which pollutes purity of intention in the astral, and
      the essential siren-like seduction of Lucifer in Paradise). Earlier
      on it appears as the imagination in the Druid's Cauldron (Ceridwen).
      is referred to as "Hitlahavut". It was not for academic prowess that
      RS describes the element of warmth as having both physical and
      spiritual interface within the domain of human access and experience.
      > And thus our brief preface is ended. Your well taken point, is that
      fire, if manifested selfishly and bereft of anchor, that is to say,
      of grounding, responsible love, potentially can sabotage the
      development of the stability, the abiding moral steadfastness of the
      would-be initiate, to perform the Christ-Act, to retraverse the
      descent of the Word becoming Flesh within the individuals authored
      deeds. Listen to the Credo movement of Mozart's Grand Mass in C-
      Minor, to phenomenologically acquire first-hand experience of this
      descent, and hear it musically translated, and so be privy to what
      this anchoring looks, "steadfasting" act presences itself, not as
      knowledge, as in the husk of words, but rather as Living Process, as
      movement, i.e., as Inspired Cognition.
      > Another welcome warning now comes to mind: Steiner remarks that
      after death, one must carry the stabilizing Christ Impulse out into
      the starry worlds, to accompany Luciferic expansiveness, and that, we
      add, in the dialogue between illumination and modesty, in the far
      reaches of light and the silent holy still-water-runs-deep depths of
      the Christ, we experience the inbreathing and outbreathing of our
      celestial growth.............
      > In this respect, your polarization of flame and downright honesty,
      if not harmonized, participates in the ever-present challenge of
      balancing, of coordinating Christ and Lucifer influence, both down in
      the Mortal Here and beyond Cosmic Everywhere. But here, another
      startling realization crops into awareness: Remember also that
      Steiner mentions that the primary characteristic of the initiate
      (which we have intuitive grounds to suspect connotes fourth degree
      and above), is that he/she is able to participate in activities, in, -
      what shall we source to "describe" the first-hand experience - to
      participate and dialogue and to "Celestially Metabolize", the
      Macrocosm without numbed will, the released will which matures when,
      no longer drawn into a drunken stupor of desire, and desire's
      coagulated agenda most Ahrimanic (recall" Ahriman being the karma of
      Lucifer"), is free to touch and embrace the Holy, without the least
      trace of impulse to possess.
      > For before the labors of Jupiter can "hatch" in our awareness as a
      tangivle field of activity and intention and aspiration, possession
      will have to cease being 9/10th of the law. This tyrannical
      gravitylike vortex to amass and influence, to turf, so characteristic
      to the operation of the animal kingdom's intractable instinct, will
      have been divested of authority and dominion as an operative in human
      > For those who wish to carry this thought one step further, this
      deed, this liberation, esoterically corresponds with the
      reacquisition of men to photosynthesize food from light, and the
      freeing up of the plant kingdom from the slavery of this
      responsibility now necessary...........
      > Expanding this perspective, one reads in the Seven
      Valleys, "Knowledge is the last plane of limitation", and in Morya's
      teaching "Just as the leaves are the messengers of the wind, and the
      snow the ambassador of the cold, so also the word is the husk from
      the breath of a creative thought." So it begins to dawn upon us, one
      must eventually become downright honest and inquire what lies beyond
      these planes, what Living Invitation indwells, and points to and
      leads us via Honest FirstHand Experience beyond the corral of words
      and ideas?
      > Thus, though it seems perhaps altogether redundant to retrace the
      obvious, one must remind oneself that it is all-too-widely and
      tragically observed that many Anthroposophists are beholden only to
      the devoted embrace of second-hand knowledge, and crave, most
      magnetically vortexlike crave acquiring "Steiner-hand-Me-Downs" of
      eruditely mimic'd, of what we unmockingly refer to as imitative
      or "Chimp'd" Templates. As though Anthroposophy were a commodity, an
      acquireable asset. These are, alas those who have not yet risen to
      the adventure of considering what will happen by employing Steiner's
      magnificent and lucid and comprehensive esoteric scaffoldings in
      aspirations which lead to confident maturation of Imaginative,
      Inspired and Intuitive powers and responsibilities.
      > And so the ability to distinguish the presence of Anthroposophia
      (self-knowledging) from its fruits which are scaffoldings of
      Anthroposophy, is essential to any discussion of self-knowledge. Put
      another way, or so to us it seems that Anthroposophia indwells heart-
      space, mentoring, tutoring, inspiring consciousness which we identify
      as the very intent and essence of what has become known as Goethean
      conversation. And it is a most holy, most intimate dialogue, through
      which one is enabled to author first-hand out of the consciousness
      soul. "Conversation" Goethe mentions in connection with two
      interesting statements which precede it ("What's more valuable than
      Gold? Light. Whats more valuable than Light;more valuable than gold,
      and responds: "Conversation", to which we whisper, conversation is
      the act of uncovering, unravelling, revealing, => "bringing to
      light", the same we recognize as the exercise of responsible artistic
      license, or "Authority" (Arthur=Author).
      > As to Joel's notion that
      > Anthroposophy is
      > "Precisely not like or inclusive of all other spiritual ways,
      > but rather something very specific and distinct.", we suggest that
      Michaelic Activity
      > of which AP is but one echo, invites, even demands that connections
      between esoteric
      > language and conceptual architecture burst open the aristocratic
      ghetto of this exotic, stupendous vocabulary,
      > and utilizing fresh imagination build creative connections beyond
      the autistic isolation of its terminology,
      > and jouyously and courageously debut into the stream of the world's
      spiritual impulses at large.
      > Failing such gemut, it is possible to remain esoterically autistic,
      which is to say, to be an Anthroposophist
      > yet and not be worthy of the Michael School..........
      > Warm Regards,
      > Harvey Bornfield
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