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10946Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Fire of Righteousness

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  • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
    Feb 25, 2005
      AOL Email
      Harvey, I just would totally LOVE to meet you someday!  Come speak for the anthro society or the Novalis Institute in the Twin Cities area sometime!  Harvey, you may not remember sending out some heart warming writing to a troubled soul in the summer of '03 but I do. I have it still because it helped so much at the time.  Jan as well wrote some encouraging words.  Sometimes anthroposophy is a lot of words one doesn't understand to further isolate oneself in the world.  Until there comes a day where it starts coming together and you thank God the very day you found anthroposophy.  Sometimes when you are at the cross roads there is a very conscious choice to make.  Whether or not to go down the road less traveled where other anthroposophists have gone before.  There are several more by the way that I just love and admire on this list.  Please if you are ever in this bitter northern climate in Minnesota U.S.A. let me know!  ~Chantel  Where the earth appears to sleep the people are definitely NOT. 
      To be alone without the gods~that is death. ~Holderlin
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