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10937Re: Fire of Righteousness

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  • holderlin66
    Feb 24, 2005
      earlyfire wrote:

      "One cannot merely define Anthroposophy, one must Author it.
      Anthroposophy is not a noun, it's a verb, a doing hallowed by
      thinking. Ergo get to be be King Arthur, one does not acquire a
      Ph.D. writing and defending a lofty dissertation/instruction manual
      on how to extract Excalibur from a stone. Each of us is an
      embryonic, sub-angelic would-be mirror of Anthroposophia's Presence,
      Her Influence. So it is that one rather acquires bravery in the face
      of risk, and presents his thoughts as quickening to the complacence
      of the status quo, and thus enters the Progressive Stream, the
      Michaelic Theater. That' it seems to me the first evidence that one
      is coming to spiritual responsibility, entering the river
      called "Not by bread alone" Anyone who inspires the dissolving of
      laziness, of prejudice, of the attitude of "Been there, Done That",
      practices and perfects Anthroposophy."

      Bradford comments;

      I have never read or heard a more clear, winging redefinition,
      reawakening of Spiritual Science for our times. This, this dear
      friends should grace the cover of every work, and stand for the
      front piece to all cyber entrances marked Anthro studies. Harvey, my
      beloved this whole soul worked and interiorized definition has never
      been wrought, updated or offered in such a dynamically clear cut
      way...I hope you don't mind if I bandy this about as your finest,
      finest living thoughts to date.

      These things dare not be entombed. And they who would entomb them in
      their stale thought box, their mass produced university dust bin of
      how to think like a Jesuit, entomb the Christ and themselves as if
      leaving the most important exploration of the world, sealed shut
      against the rising of the new living dawn of humanity. Enter not

      The faculties of intuition, imagination, inspiration...seeds of
      spirit self, life spirit and spirit man...lock this door,
      genetically key code and lock the seed to the Christ, and everyone
      return to their seats, for the dead thought and the dead word and
      the dead intellect and the dead stars are where man must stay. The
      seeds, the seeds of these higher seeds, locked, genetically locked
      and sealed as if we were darkness born.

      And the Iraqi's are now fined if they attempt to sell open seeds for
      they must buy the grain and seeds that America has locked and the
      world must buy the seeds that have been genetically locked against
      the intrusion of Life and patents on the very fact of life and the
      higher unfolding of the seeds of the I AM are also, in the same
      awful paradigm forced shut against the sharing of life.

      And we approach with staleness, dull habitual patterns, with shovels
      instead of swords to bury the thoughts that Spiritual Science
      offered humanity to grow us into gods... to navigate our souls
      towards the light, like fish long locked in hidden caverns drives
      the heart, to suddenly have light, light, hazy rippling light, it
      hurts and stuns the eyes... and those entombed words and entombed
      habits of thinking seem so abstract and safe compared to the living
      sword of thinking, STING, that STeiner warned, we should learn how
      to use our sting, be unafraid to use our sting...for Michael and our
      blood fashion our thinking swords and we awaken on the other side of
      winged intuition, living thought.

      And they have rushed to lock out the living seeds of the Higher I AM
      against silvery migrations of the giant school of human fish in the
      age of pisces seeking the upper waters where rumor of light,
      stinging, astonishing light has drawn them, up, up, up the stream of
      time...to the astonishing lightness of being.

      Harvey this was breathtaking. Thanks!
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