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10932Re: [anthroposophy] Fire of Righteousness

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  • Jan
    Feb 23, 2005
      >> Who knows this appreciates the terror and trembling of being a
      >> fugitive from spiritual initiatives, and lives in an unbroken circle,
      >> dreaming of turning it into a spiral, and particpating in lift. To be
      >> pregressive is to learn to come "Full Spiral". Look at your deeds in
      >> the closing act of each day, and place this imagination at the center
      >> of every Ruckschau; then add the Irish waking prayer "What is this day
      >> lucky for" to the lifting of your eyelashes at the first gleam of
      >> dawn.............. 
      >> Enough flame for now.............
      >> Warm regards,
      >> Harvey

      Enough from Harvey? Never! Here is Flame Alchemically Earlyfired, most
      gently potentised into healing draught of Aqua Vita.
      I warm my hands and go forth wondering what this Day is lucky for?

      Love, Jan
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