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10929Re: [anthroposophy] Fire of Righteousness

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  • earlyfire@earthlink.net
    Feb 22, 2005
      Dear Joel,

      One cannot merely define Anthroposophy, one must Author it. Anthroposophy is not a noun, it's a verb, a doing hallowed by thinking.
      Ergo get to be be King Arthur, one does not acquire a Ph.D. writing and defending a lofty dissertation/instruction manual on how to extract Excalibur from a stone. Each of us is an embryonic, sub-angelic would-be mirror of Anthroposophia's Presence, Her Influence. So it is that one rather acquires bravery in the face of risk, and presents his thoughts as quickening to the complacence of the status quo, and thus enters the Progressive Stream, the Michaelic Theater. That' it seems to me the first evidence that one is coming to spiritual responsibility, entering the river called "Not by bread alone" Anyone who inspires the dissolving of laziness, of prejudice, of the attitude of "Been there, Done That", practices and perfects Anthroposophy.

      Defining presupposes it's a done deal, an inventory, an arsenal of well-husked expertise. Anthroposophy is the way in which Anthroposophia, Who indwells Processes of Intuition, (upper case!), frames Her presence in the speech and the dreams and deeds of men. Anthroposophy therefore is the aspiration to a state of 24/7 connectivity to penetrating in spheres of wisdom, inspiration and courage, reaches the threshold of the Living Macrocosm, and discerning the intent of the hierarchies in relationship to the evolution of mankind, then bringing down those healing and inspiring thoughts, gloving them in bestowed deeds upon the world and within hearts....

      The age of the Theoretical Christ, like the Libraries of Dinosaurs archived in the Tarpits, is long past, but men know it not, men desire this not to be so............

      Who knows this appreciates the terror and trembling of being a fugitive from spiritual initiatives, and lives in an unbroken circle, dreaming of turning it into a spiral, and particpating in lift. To be pregressive is to learn to come "Full Spiral". Look at your deeds in the closing act of each day, and place this imagination at the center of every Ruckschau; then add the Irish waking prayer "What is this day lucky for" to the lifting of your eyelashes at the first gleam of dawn..............

      Enough flame for now.............

      Warm regards,

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      From: Joel Wendt <hermit@...>
      Sent: Feb 22, 2005 9:33 AM
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      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Fire of Righteousness

      Dear Whomever,

      Its very simple. Those posts don't seem to have anything to do with
      anthroposophy, which is precisely not like or inclusive of all other
      spiritual ways, but rather something very specific and distinct. It is
      the differences that make anthroposophy what it is, and I am not seeing
      on this list much interest in anything related to anthroposophy, or even
      post suggesting the poster actually knows anything about anthroposophy.

      Would you care to demonstrate your knowledge by offering a definition
      of anthroposophy?

      crabbily yours,

      On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 23:00, Cheeseandsalsa@... wrote:
      > Hermit crab, what is your deal?
      > To be alone without the gods~that is death. ~Holderlin

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