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10927Re: [anthroposophy] Fire of Righteousness

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  • Joel Wendt
    Feb 22, 2005
      Dear Whomever,

      Its very simple. Those posts don't seem to have anything to do with
      anthroposophy, which is precisely not like or inclusive of all other
      spiritual ways, but rather something very specific and distinct. It is
      the differences that make anthroposophy what it is, and I am not seeing
      on this list much interest in anything related to anthroposophy, or even
      post suggesting the poster actually knows anything about anthroposophy.

      Would you care to demonstrate your knowledge by offering a definition
      of anthroposophy?

      crabbily yours,

      On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 23:00, Cheeseandsalsa@... wrote:
      > Hermit crab, what is your deal?
      > To be alone without the gods~that is death. ~Holderlin
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