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10832Re: [anthroposophy] Soul calendar

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  • elisa buratti
    Dec 5, 2004
      Dear Anne,

      tank oh your gift! Now I find all that I need, but for the future, is possible that we can work together.

      You are very kind, really,

      If you'll try, during the year, those Phonemies that you can find on the book, surely you can have a good year!

      Have a warm week,

      At 11.24 29/11/2004, you wrote:

      Hi Elisa,

      This sounds wonderful. I speak German but I am not a native German person.
      If you cannot find any native German speaker on this list, I would like to
      help you with the translations.Please mail me privately if you need my
      assistance. However I don't speak Italian. By the way, where can I see or
      buy this soul calendar? It sounds very interesting!


      Elisa wrote:


      I'm elisa from Italy and I'm working about Calendar from two years:
      traslation and specific phonetik for each week.
      Now, my work is finish and I like to edit in free download.
      But I have't the original german text in word or similar..some of
      you have it and can help me? ...

      Tank in advance..

      Ahh..an example of phonetik..about this week..

      24/30 november - n.34

      Geheimnisvoll das Alt-Bewahrte
      Mit neuerstandnem Eigensein
      Im Innern sich belebend fuhlen:
      Es soll erweckend Weltenkrafte
      in meins Lebens Aussenwerk ergiessen
      Und werdend mich ins Dasein pragen

      Phonetik: GINBRAZ


      Nel mio esserci reale ora
      sento che dentro di me,
      ciò che è stato volutamente nascosto per essere a lungo sperimentato,
      è calda vita:
      questo debito riporterà in vita la forza del mondo
      effondendola con la mia esistenza nel mio operare esterno,
      affinchè possa lasciare la mia impronta nel divenire del mondo.

      Have a good day empty of colors,


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