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10826Re: [anthroposophy] Propensity for Evil

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  • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
    Dec 2, 2004
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      Hello Goldie and Jan, One thing I am not clear on is why Steiner says to "not talk about supersensible experiences" with others?  He says this because it hardens the petals of the thirteen petal lotus flower (which is the third eye) I believe.  Anyway, speaking about these experiences makes them more real when you can share them.  Does it not?  Or sharing them brings a communion of sorts. It inspires hope and faith.  UNLESS, there is the NEED to talk about them then that would mean there are a couple of problems.  Doubt still harbors and the WANT is the glamour part of it.  I understand why the sage has no desire or need but those who are having experiences "should" share them to teach the rest of us. ? Not to mention it is fun to share these experiences with others.  Having learned the hard way not to "talk" about this stuff in anthro circles has me a little curious for more answers.  So it hardens the lotus because it can be a moral issue....a glamour one...~Chantel
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