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10764Re: Fwd: Close Encounters with Star People

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  • Herbert Schumacher
    Nov 6, 2004
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      That is not a nonsense. R.Steiner told about Starpeople
      ...higher envolved or higher dimensioned Starpeople
      coming from planets of Solar system...for incarnation
      especially beginning 1980.

      And R.Steiner told on several times about other Cosmic
      existences (E.T.) living there on other planets belonging
      to star systems far away.

      He..R.Steiner said that we cannot have contacts to them
      and their civilisations. But they are under the same
      Law and Hierarchy of the Spiritual world.

      Hello! Why then is ufo-research such a strange thing??
      R.Steiner had clear knowledge. The theory and foundation.

      schuh..dcgmt..(CSETI..disclosure project)

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