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10703Fwd: The elect of god

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  • Herbert Schumacher
    Oct 6, 2004
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      Can it help to highten the mass consciousness??

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      >but i have my reservations about them, an issue
      > with the special chosen types,

      At the end of a cycle of development and opportunity on any planet,
      a critical mass, a minumum harvest is required to be gathered for
      certain results to be attained for that planet and race.

      Since it became clear that such a critical mass would not be able to
      be gathered from the human race due to its state of consciousness,
      selfishness, fear, etc., advanced souls began incarnating mostly in
      the 60's in order to satisfy the law.

      Today these advanced souls are awakening to ther remembered purpose
      (often in shock-horror at what they have got themselves into and
      where they are on this 'dead-battery' planet!). These are among "the
      elect of God" or the "chosen ones".

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