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10658How to fight against Asuras

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  • joksu57
    Aug 24, 2004
      Hello all!

      I don't know, if this following incident has any connections to
      Asuras, but I came to my mind after reading Mark's post. A friend
      told me some time ago about his experiencies, when he was "under
      attack" by some (perhaps ahrimanic, he didn't specify) beings. I
      don't want to be too spesific about the circumstances, so I just tell
      some "main points".

      According to my friend these "invading beings" tried to get inside
      him and his consiousness and when some of them succeeded, they could
      be felt also as some sort of vibrations in his etheric vehicle. He
      said that they could be felt almost as "someone is crawling under the
      skin", quite an unpleasant experience. This "attack" has been going
      on many hours and my friend was resisting it with strong
      consentration. He was not afraid, but getting tired and his "tactics"
      was not particularly succesful.

      Then he remembered the advices of Christ and stopped resisting these
      beings. Instead he started blessing them, praying for them, "inviting
      them" in the spirit of "Love thy enemy"; trying to teach to them the
      ethics of Christ. The effect was astonishing. There was only some
      spesific "route" along which these entities could enter, and it was
      the same thing conserning the exit. Suddenly these beings were so
      eager to leave that there was some sort of "jam", when they could not
      leave as soon as they wished (this amused my friend). Also one of
      these "invaders" experienced some sort of conversion and adviced the
      others to "leave my friend alone".

      I think that this was a display of some sort of manichean magic, but
      if one is afraid, it may be difficult to apply it effectively.

      Warm Regards
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