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10653How to fight against Asuras/Chant and Word

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  • holderlin66
    Aug 21, 2004
      Jan wrote:

      "Churches were sited not only upon holy, healing wells and caverns of
      ancient initiation but also deliberately built upon vortex sites of
      evil earth energies, often of a very baleful, raw kind and
      consciously transformed within the community of the church, often by
      means of ceremony and chanting, re-enchanting into raised and useful
      form what was seeping from darker regions of the earth. A form of
      search and transform - a Manichean journey into the darkest places
      secure in the magical power of Christ-light. This is no longer
      understood and it is the task of those who can to detect and act in
      an appropriate way upon such energies, as there are ever more
      sources. There is much more to say on this, perhaps on future
      occasions. Soloman, for instance, set four thousand to sing praises
      during the building of the Temple, that beacon for the incarnating
      human, that it might have a sound and re-sounding foundation.
      Because true praise, real praise knowingly in-toned is the surest
      means of uplifting and re creating fallen or generally suspect
      etheric energies. But it is sound science. It requires real

      Bradford comments;

      Streams of vowels and consonants on the breath stream, warmed from
      the hearts of human beings, both from Gregorian chants and Tibetan
      sancturies and united with Eurythmy, have set the Planets and the
      Constellations, the Zodiac, back into the flow of the elemental
      community we live in.

      Before I go off on my Word and Speech tangent, you might want to
      really grasp some of the work that is understood from such a science
      of Tone, Word, Chant...before you discount it with your OH SO
      rational intellect.


      ""For 14 years he (Jenny) conducted experiments animating inert
      powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms, which
      mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture.
      What's more, all of these patterns were created using simple sine
      wave vibrations (pure tones) within the audible range. So what you
      see is a physical representation of vibration, or how sound
      manifests into form through the medium of various materials."

      The pioneering research of Fabion Mamon in the 1970's found that
      when they sounded a specific tuning fork tone onto a cancer cell,
      that cell would dissolve. Even allopathic medicine has adopted this
      same principle in new, non-invasive forms of surgery. Scientific
      American magazine reported one example of an effective method for
      removing kidney stones by identifying the frequency of the stone,
      and projecting the `reversed' frequency to dissolve it.

      This interrelationship of sound and matter is at the core of an
      exciting new wave of science, which is based on timeless principles
      well known to all ancient and indigenous cultures. Billy Yellow, a
      Navajo medicine man summed it all up with this wisdom: "Our task is
      to chant the world, chant the beauty. The world is a reflection of
      our chanting." How are we each using sound to affect our state of
      being, the health of the earth and our children? "

      Bradford adds;

      I should be brief because of the attention span deficit we all
      carry, such rich studies as we have recently uncovered tend to lull
      the reader to sleep, as if Anthroposophy was some sweet fairy tale.
      It isn't. At least on the issue of frogs and Atlantean etheric
      systems and Prince and Princesses and kissing frogs, awakening out
      of the slumber of Post Atlantean, pre Egohood to Prince and Princess
      participants with the Queen Sophia and her lover Christ, we
      apparently are still old Toadies. (TAO/TAOTL and TOADDD or humid
      Earth and pond croaking, singing even)

      Vowels and Consonants and music itself is so rich and Eurythmy such
      an incredible study that I shall spare you some of the details of
      it. Language and the larynx region is the center out of which the
      New Elemental, Poetic, Scientific and Cultural miracles from the
      side of humanity will arise. Elemental forces in fire, air, water
      and Earth are awaiting the stream of rejuvenation from out of the
      human heart. Traveling from Finland to Hawaii and understanding how
      either consonants or vowels predominate in specific language and how
      water and feeling in rhythm and chanting move the Languge all the
      way to the ancient Tibetan Science of chanting, well it is a study
      for those who really are thrilled by the Word. Even if it is the dry
      word of this page and the dead concepts full of heart that we are
      discussing. Lovers of the Word awake when they hear Spirit behind

      The most incredible soul stirring example I can offer you, aside
      from the astonishing details where location, geogrpahy, soul and
      Word weave and rejuvenated depleted environmental and elemental life
      gasps as it nourishes itself from Warmed Fire toned, Living Words..
      is this example and it is rather stunning.


      "All Things Considered: August 12, 2004

      Palestinians Embrace Musical Allegory

      From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

      "A Palestinian musical is playing to packed houses in a West Bank
      theater in Ramallah. It's based on a story by the late Palestinian
      novelist Ghassan Kanafani titled "The Little Lantern." It's the
      story of a princess who knocks down a wall to bring sunlight into
      her kingdom. NPR's Julie McCarthy reports the musical is rousing
      audiences with his parallels to the present-day Palestinian

      JULIE McCARTHY reporting:

      The opening night of (foreign language spoken), or "The Lanterns,"
      brought the house down.

      McCARTHY: The story about one girl's determination was itself a work
      that defied the odds. Palestinian composer and producer Suhail
      Khoury said the Israeli occupation had complicated auditions,
      training and rehearsals, and stretched production over two years.
      The German conductor confessed he persuaded only a fraction of his
      orchestra to travel to the West Bank for the show. The day before
      the play opened, the new Japanese-funded Cultural Center flooded,
      destroying the director's pencil-scrawled script.

      It was inspired by the late Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani. The
      author of novels, short stories and articles about the lives of
      Palestinians in exile, Kanafani wrote the story, original
      titled "The Little Lantern," for his niece. She died beside him in a
      car bombing in Lebanon in 1972. The musical version, renamed "The
      Lanterns," features a cast made up exclusively of children. Some 60
      of them in luminescent costumes sing and dance non-stop for just
      over an hour.

      McCARTHY: As the curtain rises, the wise king has died, leaving a
      will for his daughter that says for the kingdom to remain peaceful,
      she must bring sunlight into the castle. So the princess climbs a
      mountain to reach the sun to carry it back. When her scheme fails,
      she retreats to her room in distress. A note appears under the door
      one day. `How will you find the sun,' it asks, `if you lock yourself

      Later, an old man bearing a lantern appears at the castle gate,
      declaring he has the answer. But the guards turn him away. The
      princess learns of the old man and sets out to find him by ordering
      everyone who carries a lantern to come to the castle. So many people
      converge on the castle. To make room, they knock down the walls. And
      suddenly the sunlight fills the kingdom."

      Bradford concludes;

      The sunlight and the man with the lantern... and who remembers in
      their soul the fairy tale of "The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily"?
      Now it is not sentimentality that induces me to show how wonderful
      this artistic event was for bombed out Palastine, just read the
      article. But rather that it is the intellectual soul negation of the
      power of Word, Art, music even down to its healing reality in the
      etheric body as well, with what Jan has brought up, the healing of
      regions of enchanted and etheric earth have been lost, even if we
      have before us the new science of the Word. Most Anthro's retreat
      from investigating what this new force of the word can become.

      Most Anthros or students of Spiritual Science cannot make the
      connection between the flowy, wafty light headed dancers who claim
      to be Eurythmists and the solid foundation out of which Sound and
      the Word has been renewed to its highest level, using the Christ
      Event as the foundation of the New Word. Most people haven't had the
      opportunity or the training to see the Science of the Word that
      Eurythmy stuidies..Therefore Eurythmy is somewhat discounted as a
      stirring art form. It should not be discounted and I have testimony
      from elemental beings who are starving for such Etheric renewal as
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